Individual Consultant to conduct a National Situational Analysis on Volunteerism for CCA update in Lebanon (Readvertised)

The consultant will be expected to conduct the following assessment products:

  1. National Situation Analysis (which includes from point 1 to 5) with following:
  • Regulatory frameworks
      • Global regulatory environment; UN Resolutions on Volunteering and SDGs.
      • Sectoral/thematic strategies in relevant SDGs (prioritized with UN system and Gov.)
      • Volunteerism related legislation, policies: National thematic volunteering policies and strategies, organizations, and plans
      • National development plans or policies for SDG agenda acceleration
  • Practical Implementation & Linkage to SDGs: Functioning volunteer solutions, initiatives or programs including organizations and relationship with policy environment. At least 5 examples on volunteering work related to specific prioritized SDGs (1, 3,4,5,8,9, 10, 13, 16, 17)
  • Overall Brief Assessment:
      • Positive developments towards civic engagement and participation: showing overall impact of volunteering work (or relevant data for implementation and monitoring), comments on engagement of volunteers in the achievement of SDGs.
      • Challenges 
  • Data sources Consulted: Data sources consulted can be diverse, and can include both non-academic sources (government documents, published VIO reports) and academic publications.
  • List of national indicators and information sources (National Time Use Survey, National Survey of Occupation and Employment, ILO information) on civic engagement, volunteering, and solidarity networks.
  1. Consultations sessions to capture volunteer data and to validate the final document (workshop).
  • With final report with main findings of the consultations/workshops
  • Relevant data sets or surveys, focal groups or data collected (Collection of relevant sources that have been consulted for the NSA)
  1. Draft analysis of a strategy on the national level to engage with the Volunteering ecosystem.
  • Including recommendations to engage with VIOs (red cross, public volunteering platform) and non-state (private foundations such as philanthropic foundations) and state stakeholders.
  1. Draft texts for CCA and UNSDCF
  • Proposal or draft text boxes of key areas to be included on CCAs updates and to UNSDCF.


How to apply

Apply through the below link:

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