Original Toner Cartridges for all SOS Villages

  1. Request for Proposal

SOS Children’s Villages in Lebanon invites qualified suppliers to submit proposals for the supply of toner cartridges. The organization is seeking a reliable supplier with a proven track record of providing high-quality toner cartridges at competitive prices. The successful vendor will be responsible for supplying toner cartridges for all the printers in SOS Children’s Villages and SOS National Office.

  1. Required documents

The bidder shall provide the following documents (SOS might request additional documents):

    1. Registration Certificate of the company
    2. Registration in the ministry of finance
    3. VAT registration certificate
    4. Company profile: A brief description of the vendor’s company, including its history, experience, and qualification.
    5. List of NGOs customer if applicable
    6. A detailed description of the toner cartridges being proposed, including the brand, model, and technical specification.
    7. A total price in the BOQ including the unit price, delivery fees, and any applicable taxes.
    8. Warrantee: A description of the warrantee offered by the vendor, including the duration and coverage.
    9. Detailed Bill of Quantities
  1. Services to be provided
  1. Free Delivery of Goods within 3 days of placing the order.
  2. The supplier must also provide support and maintenance services for the printer for at least one year from the date of delivery.
  3. The supplier must be an authorized seller of laptops/IT equipment in Lebanon.

How to apply

  1. Special conditions
  1. All bids must be submitted in sealed envelope showing the project name, bidder’s name, phone number and email to SOS HQ, Beirut, Sin El Fil, Monseigneur Shebli street, SOS building, 3rd floor.
  2. Toner cartridges has to be original, brand new, not remanufactured or refilled.
  3. All pages should be stamped and signed.
  4. Approved Bidders should sign SOS Child safeguarding policy and code of conduct.
  1. Terms of payment

SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon shall pay for the goods/services using a Fresh USD Check or Fresh USD bank transfer. The payment shall be made within 1 week from receiving the Goods/Services. Any costs related to the payment - including bank charges or other fees - will be borne by SOS.


  1. Contact Person

For any clarification or questions, an email should be sent to:

SOS Lebanon – Procurement and Logistics Coordinator – Bilal Itani – [email protected]

and to copy

SOS Lebanon – Finance & Controlling Manager – Rana Dbouk - [email protected]

SOS LebanonICT ManagerMaroun Rizkallah[email protected]

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