"Vedogiovane": long-term European Solidarity Corps project (6 months) in Arona and Borgomanero, Novara (Italy)

Vedogiovane, in collaboration with Chabibeh Sporting Club, is looking for motivated volunteers for a long-term European Solidarity Corps programme in Arona and Borgomanero, Novara (Italy). The project's duration is 6 months, with the beginning date scheduled on December 2022/January 2023.


The social enterprise 'VEDOGIOVANE' was established in 1998 with the aim of promoting animation initiatives in the area. For us, doing social business, means active participation of all and shared responsibility. In this regard, we aim to pursue, on a continuous and non-profit basis, the general interest of the community, human promotion and social integration of citizens through the management of socio-educational services. Animation for VEDOGIOVANE means children, families, schools, projects, trips, experiences, stories, continuous thinking.

Who we are committed to

VEDOGIOVANE works with children and young people in the territories in which it operates in both formal and non-formal education contexts promoting active participation activities, outdoor education, learning support, growth and personal development paths. Vedogiovane accompanies the territory in an inclusive vision of young people in collaboration with families and local institutions promoting encounters between them. Vedogiovane works in coordination with the Social and Welfare Services of the territories of intervention in order to integrate and encourage the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in its projects also in those of European mobility as an opportunity for growth.

Our targets are

  • boys and girls from 14 to 18 years of age included in formal education or vocational training courses in the lower province of Novara;
  • boys and girls from 6 to 18 years of age in a situation of fragility who are not in continuous schooling and who are in the care of the social services of the lower Novara province
  • boys and girls from 14 to 25 years of age who attend territorial animation projects such as community centres or youth projects active in the municipalities of the lower Novara province
  • elderly people in situations of frailty and beyond, in active ageing projects
  • Men and women in situations of housing fragility

What this experience will bring you

  • Space to develop a personal project;
  • Cultural adjustment & Self-development;
  • Italian language and cultural experience;
  • Intercultural events, new friendships, networking;
  • Non formal education methodologies;
  • Supporting local projects;
  • European opportunities promotion;
  • Data entry & management / back office activities;
  • Opportunity to get in touch with a network of professionals;

What skills you can develop

  • Language and digital skills
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Effective communication
  • Youth work and youth policies
  • Developing activities for supporting people facing difficult situations
  • Sense of initiative and creativity


1. Non formal education activities

VEDOGIOVANE works with more than 30 municipalities in educational activities for children and young people. This includes participation in individual activities organised by our educators, such as workshops of theatre, coding, music and sport. These activities also include participation in European exchange projects. Working alongside our international team, you will take care of the logistics and preparation of certain activities for those coming to our country.

2. Office support

The activity involves working alongside the company's management figures, you will be involved in administrative and accounting activities and in the management of fundraising activities. You will also support the communication team in the production of content.

3. Social Housing

VEDOGIOVANE has been working for five years on a social housing project to enable the most fragile sections of the population to have a home. The activity involves assisting our team in the search for new apartaments, furnishing, managing bureaucracy and supporting tenants

    Working hours and free time

    The volunteer week usually runs from Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 35 hours per week. Working hours, on the other hand, are very flexible; depending on the activities, you can decide your own schedule. Always share and discuss your plans with your mentor to organise your activities in the best possible way. Normally all Italian holidays are respected. 


      In order to participate in the European Solidarity Corps all costs are covered: round-trip travel (respecting the maximum limit indicated), board and lodging, language course, health insurance, transport on site, visa (if required). The area is poorly connected by public transport, the organisation will provide for your travel. If you have a driving licence, you can request a car. Each volunteer has the right to a so-called “pocket money” (pocket money) per month 150 euro. A commitment of 30/35 hours per week is expected.

      The only requirement to be eligible to take part in a European Solidarity Corps project is:
      To be a young person between 17* and 30 years old resident in a country participating in the program. A volunteer can only take part in a long-term ESC project. With one exception: those who have carried out an ESC/former EVS project for no more than 59 days can participate in another one.
      *You may be 17 years old at the time of research and application for the project, however you must be at least 18 to be able to start participating in an activity. 

      For further information please consult the info pack for volunteers .




      How to apply

      In order to apply to this opportunity, please fill the form available at:
      application form

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