Audio-Visual Service - Video and Material Adaptation

The British Red Cross (BRC) is looking for an experienced Service Provider to work on Audio-Visual Service for SGBV/PSEA IEC materials and Video Adaptation, is hereby requesting a Technical and Financial proposal as per attached TOR.

  • Offers should be in LBP or USD.
  • Indicate prices without VAT (if VAT included, please specify).
  • Indicated prices should include all taxes and formalities.
  • Prices offered should not be linked with any variant. Offers linked with variants will be rejected.
  • Payment will be done by bank Transfer within 20 working days upon service delivery and BRC final acceptance against Original Invoice.
  • All other conditions according to the BRC General Conditions.


The British Red Cross BRC/MENA located in Beirut is sourcing for reputable and qualified Service Provider with a track record of success in producing digital communication solutions.

BRC is looking for Professional Service Provider who can work on the pre-existing Video and IEC material (drawings, posters, flipcharts, booklets)  produced for the Africa context and adapt its content mainly - the characters of the drawings and language - keeping the same level of high-quality video, storylines and drawings and determine the best ways to get the coverage, impact, involvement, and interactivity of released video products.

Under the overall supervision of PGI team the selected Service Provider will be expected to adapt and contextualize the existing short video clip (7 Min) (In Arabic) with pictorials and animated characters relevant to MENA context and subtitles, to highlight  the main idea of the campaign –  SGBV/PSEA  prevention, response and actions especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the Service Provider will adapt the drawings of the posters, flipcharts, stickers etc. to the MENA context ensuring that they are appropriate and culturally sensitive, and the layout/design of such products as detailed below.

Target Audience:

  • Girls and boys – 10 - 18yrs.
  • Youth – 18 - 35yrs.
  • Women and men aged 35 – 55yrs.
  • Community leaders


The Interested Service Providers MUST be:

  • Demonstrated competency with developing and producing video animations and infographics for video infomercials.
  • Have previous experience working with the humanitarian sector on the production of animation videos and online/offline content.
  • Have editing and writing skills.
  • Time flexible and available upon request.


Offers/Proposals to be submitted shall consist of 2 (two) parts, Financial and Technical, each should be submitted separate:

Part I: Technical offer - shall contain:

  • A detailed “Method Statement” including all the procedures, must describe every task and its correlation with any other relevant job (a brief, no more than three pages).
  • Portfolio of previous similar works conducted, with links to videos.
  • A detailed schedule “Timetable” in relation to the method statement indicating the time necessary to implement each task.

Part II: Financial offer - shall contain:

  • A detailed “Cost Breakdown”.
  • A proposed “Schedule of Payment”.


All works and the FINAL product to be submitted before the 20th of March 2021.

How to apply

Applications should be sent to [email protected] by email no later than 10.02.2021 at Time 14:00 p.m. Beirut time, applications received after this point will not be considered. Any questions should be directed to [email protected]


The British Red Cross maintains a zero-tolerance approach to abuse, harassment and exploitation and reserves the right to subject successful applicants to relevant background checks.

In the British Red Cross, we will not tolerate any form of misconduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. We have a code of conduct in place and are committed to creating a culture of integrity in the organisation where misconduct is not tolerated, situations of abuse are quickly investigated, and perpetrators are dealt with effectively.

We are committed to welcoming people from the widest possible diversity of background, culture and experience. The British Red Cross, incorporated by Royal Charter 1908, is a charity registered in England and Wales (220949) and Scotland (SC037738).

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