Request For Proposals - Long Term Agreement with ICT Company (In Lebanon)

Purpose of Assignment

The objective is to have an LTA agreement with an ICT supplying company across Lebanon for Search Office Beirut and Halba .


Scope of Work: 

Supplier shall have the availability of these items at any Time:

SFCG Ref  Table of ICT Items:

1. Laptop - Description: Lenovo Ideapad or L3,Core I3/8GB RAM/240 GB SSD 15.6"(or equivalent HP)

2. Laptop - Description: Thinkpad E-SeriesCore I5/8GB Ram/240G NVME+1TB HDD 15.6” or 14”

3. Laptop - Description: Thinkpad E-SeriesCore I7/16GB Ram/240G NVME+1TB HDD 15.6” or 14”

4. Laptop - Description: Hi-End Graphics LaptopCore i7/16GB RAM/240GB NVME + 1TB HDD/1650 Ded. VGA 15.6” FHD

5. Desktop - Description: Lenovo Intel Core I3/8GB RAM/240 SSD + 1TB HDD

6. Desktop - Description: Lenovo Intel Core I5/8GB RAM/240 SSD + 1TB HDD

7. Desktop - Description: Lenovo Intel Core I7/8GB RAM/240 SSD + 1TB HDD

8. LED Screen - Description: AOC LED 20”/22”/24”

9. UPS - Description: 850VA & 1500VA, Simulated Sine-Wave, Integrated AVR

10. K/B & Mouse - Description: Wireless Combo

11. Mouse - Description: Wireless

12. HDMI Cables - Description: 1.5M 5M 10M, 4K res., Gold Plated Connecters

13. VGA Cables - Description: 1.5M 5M to 10M, Full Copper

14. Converters - Description: DisplayPort Adapter, HDMI to VGA, VGA to HDMI

15. External HDD - Description: Antishock, 1TB/2TB/4TB

16. USB 3.0 - Description: 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB

17. Networking - Description: AP, Router, Range Extender, DSL Router

18. Projector - Description: 3300 Lumens and Above

19. Ram DDR4 - Description: 4GB/8GB/16GB for Laptop/Desktop

20. SSD - Description: 240GB/480GB/960GB

21. NVME - Description: 240GB/480GB/960GB

22. Camera - Description: Canon EOS200D or equivalent

23. Speaker - Description: Jabra Speak 710

24. Speaker - Description: Laptop External Speaker

25. Software - Description: Windows 10 PRO, Office 2019, Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security

26. Bags - Description: 15.6” BAG,15.6” Backpack

27. Headset - Description: Wired, Bluetooth Wireless

28. Charger - Description: Lenovo Type-C Charger 65W

How to apply

To apply, interested candidates (agencies, companies, and firms) are requested to submit the needed documents on the following link:

A technical and financial proposal in two separate (pdf) files:

  1. The technical proposal (consolidated in one pdf) must detail understanding of the requested items; timeline of delivering the requested items, experience doing similar assignments. The main proposal must not be more than 10 pages.
  2. A financial proposal (consolidated in one pdf) stating:
  • The price quotation of each item presented in the Bid of Quantities Table above
  •  Validity of price offer 
  • Delivery terms and conditions (lead time in BML , Bekaa , Akkar)
  • Proposed payment plan (currency , bank , payment terms)
  • Legal papers of registration. (Commercial, registration, tax documents).

   3. At least three reference letters from previous assignments successfully completed (at least 2 INGOs) (please consolidate in one pdf and upload to Cover Letter)

P.S: Only applications through the link will be accepted.

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