Thematic Trainers for Key Institutional Leaders

About the Project

Search and the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) are  implementing a four-year regional program called “Women, Youth, Peace and Security” (WYPS). The program’s overall goal is to strengthen the meaningful and enduring participation of women and youth in advancing inclusive peace and security in the Levant and Yemen. To do this, the program aims to: 1) consolidate women's rights organizations’ (WROs) and youth-focused/youth-led organizations’ (YFOs/YLOs) strategic engagement and influence in municipal and national peace and reconciliation processes; 2) motivate key sub-national and national institutions to strengthen inclusive policies and standards facilitating inclusive youth and women’s participation in peace and security; and 3) promote shifts in social norms around women and youth’s meaningful inclusion in peace and security at all levels, including stronger alliances with men and boys.


Consultancy Summary

Under the Women, Youth, Peace and Security (WYPS) program the National Commission for Lebanese Women and Search for Common Ground are aiming to work and engage with Key Institutional Leaders (KILs). The KILs are actors and influential people in the peace and security space - government actors, Track I and II mechanisms, coalitions leading the development of relevant National Action Plans (NAPs), etc.

Search and the NCLW are seeking to hire thematic trainers who will support in developing training materials, delivering training sessions, and providing a comprehensive trainer report to expand and retain the knowledge of the KILs and develop their skills in an array of topics identified by Search and NCLW. S/he/they will be under the direct supervision of Search’s Project Manager and NCLW’s Project Coordinator.


Goals and Objectives of the Consultancy

The goal of the thematic training is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and engagement of the KILs in Lebanon in areas related to WPS and YPS. In addition to equipping them with practical skills to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of women and youth in peace and security initiatives and promoting inclusivity and representation in policymaking processes.

Topics include:

  • Women, Peace, and Security (United Nations Security Council Resolution UNSCR 1325) and Youth, Peace, and Security (UNSCR 2250); and
  • Inclusive and Representative Policymaking.

The training sessions will be delivered in Arabic but all reporting to the Search team should be in English.


Expected deliverables

  • Training modules and agenda: including any power point presentations, handouts, pre and post-test and additional resources to be shared with the trainees to be submitted to the Search team and NCLW team at least two weeks before the proposed start date of the training;
  • Training sessions (the number depends on the topic and is to be proposed by the candidate);
  • Provide a comprehensive final trainer report that should highlight achievements, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations (the template will be shared with the trainer by the Search team and is to be submitted within one week of the end of the training).



The training/workshops are expected to be delivered in-person, in Beirut, in February 2024. The number of days dedicated to each training/workshop is up to 2 days. The total number of days to be committed vary depending whether the candidate can deliver both training topics or only one.


Required Profile

Search is looking for independent consultants/trainers to apply for this opportunity with the following profiles:

  • 3 to 5 years of experience training in the topic proposed;
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic;
  • Experience in training design, planning, interactive delivery, facilitation, and monitoring;
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the local context in Lebanon;
  • Experience in working with international organizations and/or public institutions, especially in Lebanon;
  • Solid communication and facilitation skills;
  • Knowledge of local contexts, cultural awareness, and conflict- and gender-sensitivity skills;
  • Ability to work with people from various social and professional backgrounds and at all levels.

Preferable but not required:

  • A degree in the topic/s proposed or closely related.

How to apply

To apply, interested consultants are requested to submit the following to the below link:


  • A clear and brief description of the proposed topics, the training methodology and tools and mock agendas that might be used;
  • Cover letter and a detailed CV;
  • A financial proposal including the consultants’ daily rate.
  • Copy of passports or IDs and Lebanese financial registration documents - Failing to provide these documents will lead to deduction of the withholding tax as per the Lebanese Law. (to b consolidated in one pdf and uploaded to "Company Profile"
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Remuneration range:
4000 to 5000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
The number of days dedicated to each training/workshop is up to 2 days.