Request for Proposals: National Campaign Media Agency Services

Subject: Request for Proposals: National Campaign Media Agency Services


Project: Generation G is an advocacy program that aims at equipping youth activists to address the root causes of gender inequality.

It challenges gender norms and harmful perceptions that drive power imbalances and violence perpetrated by the patriarchy, while encouraging sustainable change.

Through its interventions, the partnership, between Adyan foundation and Abaad Resource Center for Gender Equality, is increasing the number of young people promoting gender justice and preventing sexual and gender-based violence by providing them with the necessary technical and soft skills along with essential resources to mobilize.

Additionally, it encourages decision-makers to increasingly adopt and be accountable for gender-transformative and youth-inclusive policies and laws.

Generation G helps build a more resilient, effective, gender-just and youth-inclusive civil society through capacity strengthening and coalition building.


The Generation G project is launched at a time when there is a growing anti-feminist backlash and mounting opposition to gender equality efforts. While progress has been made in advancing gender equality, there are reactionary forces that seek to undermine and roll back the gains achieved so far. These forces often perpetuate harmful stereotypes, reinforce traditional gender roles, and resist efforts to address systemic gender inequalities.

In the face of these challenges, the Generation G project recognizes the need to proactively counter the anti-feminist backlash and opposition. It understands that raising awareness about the project's strategic goals is crucial to garnering support and mobilizing collective action in support of gender justice and equality.

To achieve this, the project invites agencies to develop and design a collaborative national campaign. This campaign serves as a platform to disseminate information about the project's objectives, activities, and impact. It aims to engage the broader public, including individuals, communities, and institutions, in understanding the importance of addressing gender inequality and working towards a more equitable society.

The national campaign seeks to challenge the narratives propagated by anti-feminist forces and debunk misconceptions surrounding gender equality efforts. It highlights the positive impact that promoting gender justice can have on society as a whole.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to foster a sense of solidarity and collective action. It encourages individuals and organizations to come together, collaborate, and support the Generation G project's goals. Mobilizing a diverse range of stakeholders, including civil society organizations, educational institutions, policymakers, and community leaders, the campaign seeks to amplify the voices advocating for gender justice and create a broader movement for change.



Scope of Work:

The Media Agency will work in collaboration with both project managers from Adyan foundation and ABAAD Resource Center for Gender Equality to develop a creative and innovative national media campaign.


1. Media Strategy Development:

- As part of their responsibilities, the agency involved in the project will conduct comprehensive landscape research and analysis. This research aims to gain a deep understanding of the social, cultural, and political contexts surrounding gender inequality. By examining these factors, the agency should identify key audience segments for the national campaign.

   - Develop a comprehensive media strategy aligned with campaign objectives and target audience demographics in accordance with the project management team.

   - Provide recommendations for media channels, platforms, and formats to maximize campaign reach and impact.


2. Media Planning and Buying:

   - Create detailed media plans outlining recommended channels, placements, schedules, and budget allocations.

   - Negotiate favorable rates and secure optimal placement for advertising across various media channels including TV, radio, print, digital, out-of-home, and social media.

   - Monitor media buying performance and make real-time adjustments to optimize campaign effectiveness.


3. Creative Integration:

   - Develop the media campaign, in collaboration with both communication departments of Adyan and ABAAD.

  in terms of:

  •  Master Concept that will be adapted in videos, visuals and reels
  • Communication strategy that encompasses target audience identification, channel selection, message crafting, and tool utilization. They will also benchmark against market standards to ensure the strategy surpasses expectations and achieves desired outcomes.
  • Copyrighting
  • Monitoring the dissemination and the reach of the campaign


   - implement creative assets for different media formats and platforms while maintaining campaign consistency and brand integrity


4. Reporting and Analysis:

   - Provide regular reports and analysis on media performance metrics including reach, frequency, impressions, click-through rates.

   - Offer insights and recommendations for refining media strategy and tactics based on campaign data and feedback.


Milestones and deliverables:

Milestone 1: (2 weeks)

Completed landscape research and analysis

Defined target audience

Deliverable: Communication strategy (campaign message and key messages)


Milestone 2: (3 weeks)

Developed campaign assets

Deliverables: Master concept + adaptations; Media Strategy (formats, placement, and frequency)


Milestone 3: (4 weeks)

Campaign implementation

Deliverables: Performance reports; Evaluation (1 weeks)


Submission Requirements:

- Company Profile: Provide an overview of the agency's background, experience, and expertise in media planning and buying and similar campaigns, particularly in the Lebanese market and the NGOs sector

- Methodology: Outline the approach to developing and executing a successful media strategy for the campaign, including any unique methodologies or tools you utilize.

- Case Studies: Share examples of past campaigns where your agency demonstrated effectiveness in reaching and engaging target audiences in Lebanon.

- Budget Proposal: Provide a detailed breakdown of the proposed fees.



- Deadline for Submission:  21 May 2024

- Campaign Duration: 2 Months


Proposals will be evaluated based on the agencies' strategic strength in presenting their creative approach to developing concepts, case studies showcasing their expertise in similar campaigns, and their budget proposals.


Please submit your proposal to Mr. Fadi Badran at [email protected] no later than 21 May 2024 Should you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to contact us via email

How to apply

Please submit your proposal to Mr. Fadi Badran at [email protected] no later than 21 May 2024 Should you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to contact us via email

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