With the aim of creating awareness among the people about the Syrian crisis and its consequences, Besme Group partnered with the Syrian League of Citizenship to launch the ‘Syrian Mothers’ photography book.

Having women as the target group and taking into consideration the UN Security Council Resolutions of 1325 and 2122, which emphasize the involvement of women in peace building and maintaining the security in conflict-affected zones, Besme Group and Syrian League for Citizenship (SL4C) collaborated to publish a photography book which included 35 photographs of Syrian mothers along with their stories.
These women were selected from different locations; some were residing in Syria and others outside the country. The book portrayed – via photographs and interviews – the pain these mothers went through. It paved the way to document the effects of the Syrian war on women.

الأهداف العامة: 
Showcase stories during the war by presenting real stories told by Syrian women from different regions and different points of view as seen by mothers specifically. Specific objectives: – Contribute to the writing of collective memory during this period of conflict in Syria’s modern history. – Highlight the role of the mothers in stopping the armed conflict in Syria. – Allow for different points of view by providing examples from different regions experiencing the same suffering, regardless of their political position.
This project emphasized the importance of representing women from communities that have experienced armed conflict, through making their voices heard. 35 photographs of Syrian mothers along with their stories were presented in a book published in Arabic and English. 1000 copies were distributed. The book also represents unique data for foreign organizations and governments who are interested in collecting data from real cases in Syria.
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خميس, 16/02/2017 - 11:00am
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Syrian League for Citizenship (SL4C)