MERCY CORPS - Tender 422 - Participatory Needs Assessment for Bouhayra Union of Municipalities

The service provider shall take the lead on the participatory needs assessment (PNA) component of IJMAA program. Under this activity, the service provider will lead in organizing up to 11 round table discussion events under selected villages. The service provider will conduct one preparatory meeting with each youth group in the selected municipalities in which he/she will guide the youth groups to identify the main stakeholders in each village that are relevant to the different areas of the PNA (ex: health, agriculture, tourism, education, livelihoods, etc.). The youth, in coordination and with the support of the service provider, will then invite these stakeholders to a “roundtable-discussion” event under the supervision of the service provider.

How to apply

Interested Applicants who wish to apply to this opportunity are kindly requested to follow the link below, fill in the requested information and download a copy of the tender documents:

Applications must be submitted back to MC offices in Ashrafieh on or before 21 Oct 2019 at 4:00 Pm the latest

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