National Youth Service Week (April 9-17, 2016)

National Youth Service Week (April 9-17) is a Lebanese initiative encouraging youth throughout Lebanon do effective and sustainable service projects.
National Youth Service Week is an expansion of Global Youth Service Days (April 15-17, 2016), three days in April when youth in over 100 countries around the world do service projects in their communities. It honors both the contribution of those youth and the adults who help make their efforts possible. All NYSW projects will also be registered as GYSD projects.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All children and youth. We encourage all universities, public and private schools, youth groups, and informal groups of youth to implement a service project during National Youth Service Week.
Volunteer For Lebanon is holding training sessions in different areas of Lebanon. For a list of training sessions go to:
And for more information about National Youth Service Week go to:

February/early March: Training of schools, universities organizations, youth groups on How to Plan and Implement a Sustainable Service Project and how to participate in NYSW/GYSD.
March-mid April: Youth groups will plan their service projects according to the guidelines provided. They will also complete an online pre-project form describing their project. And public school students will have their projects approved, as required, by the Ministry of Education
*April 2: Deadline to complete pre-project form:
*April 9-17: Sustainable service projects will be implemented throughout Lebanon.
*April 29: Deadline for youth groups to complete the online post-project form describing the actual project completed as well as prepare and submit a poster describing their project:
A list of places to submit the posters will be sent to all who complete the Pre-Project Form.
*May 8*: A recognition event will be held to honor the youth who participated in National Youth Service Week. Project posters will be displayed, certificates will be distributed, and awards will be given for exemplary projects according to the criteria provided in the guidelines. 
*The event may be postponed to May 15th if the municipal elections are held on May 8th

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OBJECTIVES OF NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE WEEK 1) To develop an understanding of volunteering and to encourage it in our youth. 2) To encourage youth to identify and target social problems and to collaborate to solve them 3) To develop our youth into capable, empowered, socially responsible citizens. 4) To provide them with opportunities to actually contribute in meaningful ways. 5) To provide youth with volunteer opportunities that cross social barriers of age, religion, abilities/disabilities, and geography. 6) To improve the quality and sustainability of youth service projects. 7) To encourage and help NGOs to recruit youth to volunteer for them 8) To acknowledge the capacity of youth to contribute to their society THEME FOR NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE WEEK: SUSTAINABLE SERVICE We are providing information to groups to develop projects that are sustainable in three important ways: 1) Projects that continue over time or have a long time impact 2) Projects that are environmentally friendly in their planning and implementation 3) Projects that help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
March: Training sessions for leaders of youth groups April 9-17: Service projects will be implemented by youth groups throughout the country May 8: Recognition event at UNESCO Palace (possibly postponed to May 15 if municipal elections take place on May 8.
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PARTNERS FOR NYSW: Volunteer For Lebanon is coordinating National Youth Service Week with the partnership and collaboration of the following: the Ministries of Youth & Sports, Social Affairs, Culture, and Environment as well as AIE SERVE, AMIDEAST Lebanon, arcenciel, Azm Youth, Chaml, Ghirass for Society Development, Green Line, Lebanese Active Youth, NAHNOO, and Smart Center. We encourage all universities, public and private schools, youth groups, and informal groups of youth to implement a service project during National Youth Service Week.