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Planning and development agency was established in 2009 to be the mastermind and leader and supporter for the Lebanese local authorities and the activator for the civil society organizations, at all developmental, economic and intellectual levels
It is a consulting civil agency, professional in strategic planning, sustainable and economic development, and cultural renaissance  PDA became the leader in the region in terms of adoption of two basic criteria: professional in development work and strategic planning To achieve these two criteria, the PDA team took the decision of continuous movement and goals development and experiences exchange. After the great success of PDA in Hermel region due to the quality and the size of the implemented projects which the reverberation abroad among the European Union delegation, the donors, the central and local authorities, we have established a regional office for the development of Baalbek-Hermel to provide consulting services and technical support to seven unions of municipalities, more than 56 municipalities and many civil society organizations within the following themes:
1 - Strategic Planning and Administrative Development, including:

fact finding, planning, projects preparation and networking with  international donors.
Human development, capacity building and Development of skills
Monitoring and continuous performance evaluation of the public administrations and the issuance of necessary recommendations.

2 - Economic advancement and sustainable development, including:

Best use of the resources
Adoption of international quality standards.
Support institutions by granting of quality certificates.
Increase yield and improving of income distribution.

3- Cultural renaissance through human, social & intellectual development and Capacity building, including:

launch of a cultural renaissance center studies to be an effective framework for cultural exchange and discuss between the intellectuals and experts aiming to develop a social, economic, political vision.
Networking among civil society organizations across the Mediterranean to raise the civilization level and the experience exchange.
Launch of the youth support center for psycho-social-educational support in order to raise the phase of self-confidence and belief in the possibility to achieve a best cultural situation among young people.
As per PDA goals are large and accurate and because we have reached a high level of professionalism in a short time, PDA has established a large network of communication and cooperation with hundreds institutions of development, local and regional authorities, central research centers, and universities in various countries, and created a partnership with more than forty different institutions and launched more than 10 projects for the years 2014/2015.

All that directed the PDA team to adopt an important goal for the upcoming years: "promoting of the sustainable local development mechanisms by the adoption of strategic planning and professional performance” Regional development Office of Baalbek -Hermel:

Such an office would become the development nerve centre in the area and would:
Coordinate among the unions and serve as an advisory unit
Implement needs assessments and facilitate the development of sectoral development plans
Support the unions to develop projects within the sectoral plans
Support the unions to fundraise for their outlined projects
Support civil society organizations to develop projects within the sectoral plans and fundraise for their implementation
Provide linkages between the unions and international organizations, funders, other government institutions, ...
Provide training, coaching, and guidance to the Local Development Officers stationed in each union
Provide training to local CSOs
Raise the community’s awareness on developmental activities and their sustainable impact

The Office seeks to achieve the following results: Result 1: Local public and civil society developmental structures activated and their capacities promoted.
Result 2: Strategic sectoral development plans for Baalbek, Hermel, and Jroud Byblos formulated. Hermel Development office (Orontes Valley direction) : Accordingly, this project aims to overcome some of the weaknesses by laying the foundations for a new economic dynamism focused on the following:

The environment. works to ensure that the environmental conditions of Hermel region are improved.
The economy. works to create new sources of income, increase employment opportunities, and unlock new agriculture/ aquaculture markets.
The tourism sector. works to revive the tourism sector.

And to achieve the following results

Result1 : To sign a cooperative contracts with all organizations working along the sides of Orontes River holding them accountable for river contamination induced by their operations
Result2 : Reducing the pollution in Orontes valley
Result3 : Improving the performance of tourism organizations matching the national standards of Tourism Ministry.
Result4 : Raising the fish farm sector profit in Hermel.
Result5 : Development of feed production sector and cattle breeding and dairy manufacturing in Hermel.

The agency is preparing to launch the National Central office in Beirut (the capital) to provide technical consultancy to central authorities. In addition, PDA is in communication with donors to insure the necessary funding for several concept notes and projects.

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SILO Healthy food, Baalbek-Qaa highway
Ras Baalbek , Baalbek-Hermel
Baalbek-Hermel LB
Ras Baalbek , Baalbek-Hermel
Baalbek-Hermel LB
Ras Baalbek
SILO Healthy food, Baalbek-Qaa highway
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Hawraa Mahfouz



Planning and Development Agency – PDA, Partner of "GREENLAND" project (co-financed under the ENI-CBC MED 2014-2020 Program) is looking for
a dissemination event organizer who will be appointed as a service provider
in "GREENLAND" project.

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Planning and Development Agency – PDA, Partner of "GREENLAND" project (co-financed under the ENI-CBC MED 2014-2020 Program) is looking for
A service provider for "GREENLAND" project.

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