Lebanese Center For Civic Education

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17/08/2023 - 3:58م

The Lebanese Center for Civic Education LCCE is a Non Governmental Organization working since 2007 to empower youth and women to be change makers in their communities.

LCCE supports youth and women living in disadvantaged communities in Lebanon to transform their lives for the better by equipping them with adequate knowledge and skills to actively participate in building prosperity and equality in their communities.

LCCE Main Fields of Activities:

– Community Development & Youth Economic Empowerment

Developing Curricula on Entrepreneurship, soft skills development, and vocational trainings

Facilitating youth and women access to labor market

Building youth skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship

Developing social cohesion approach and acceptance of others at communities level


- Civic Engagement

Civic and non-sectarian culture

Strengthening the culture of human rights among youth

Strengthening the culture of conflict resolution using democratic and non violent means

Developing curricula and interactive teaching modules for schools on civic and human rights issues

Strengthening the internal capacities of civil society

Suggestion of legal and legislative alternatives

Exchanging experiences in a culture of dialogue


– Community Healthcare

Advocating for youth rights to health

Developing curricula and multimedia content on youth health awareness

Promoting community healthcare awareness and girls and women rights to health

Promoting research to better understand youth health concerns and developing adequate solutions

Promoting the use of ICT to scale youth health awareness

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Executive Director
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New Jdeideh
Greater Beirut
الهاتف: +96176042525
Greater Beirut
New Jdeideh
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Maroun Mikhael



LCCE seeks to recruit a training expert to develop training materials and train CSOs working with domestic workers on Efficient and Dignified Mental Healthcare Following Critical Incidents.

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LCCE seeks to recruit an assessment consultant in order to conduct three assessments during the project: assessment (1) to identify CSOs training needs; assessment (2) identify topics or mental health campaign materials interesting for migrant workers that could be adapted; Assessment (3) to measure migrant workers knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP) following the adapted mental health campaign.

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In 2020, LCCE has partnered with the educational platform Edokio in order to deliver engaging learning experience to youth and women who are seeking to acquire market-based skills, and increase their employability and entrepreneurship skills. Edokio offers a unique experience of remote learning with combination of self-paced curriculum, live video-conferencing animated by the trainer, and e-coaching.
More than 1000 learners are using Edokio so far, and are highly satisfied with the learning experience provided.
The intern is expected to support in digital curriculum development.

الاثنين, 15 آب 2022
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In 2021, the Lebanese Center for Civic Education LCCE has launched “Imkaniyat”, a program dedicated to empower women to actively participate in the life of their communities. The program consists of capacity building, and networking among women for an active participation on economic, health, social and public levels. The activities are implemented in blended format, with focus on online activities

The communication intern is expected to support in Communication tasks linked to “Imkaniyat” project.

الأربعاء, 10 آب 2022
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