Association Nabad for Development in partnership with Lebanon humanitarian Fund (LHF) is currently implementing conflict resolution and social stability project whose main focus is to lessen the conflict and decrease the tension between Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees in the following areas: Sariin, Houch El Rafka, Qsarnaba, and Tamnin El Fawka.

The project aims to improve the capacities of the local communities in order to enhance the local social stability and decrease the tension between the Syrian and the Lebanese communities.

Nabad need to purchase an Ambulance with below specifications.

  • Model 2000 or  2005
  • Manual or automatic
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Wheel chair
  • Respirator
  • Hand operated bag
  • FAA approved stretcher

How to apply

Address: Rayak-Baalbeck Highway- Association Nabad for Development - Facing LIU- Ahmad Moubarak Bldg.- 1st floor.

Phone #: 81-222071 / 70/615415

Conditions to apply: When applying, the papers and documents holding the technical and price information must be put in a well ceiled file. The envelope  may not have any mark or sign leading to the applicant’s identity.


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