Assisting Victims Of Violence And Exploitation -The Listening And Counseling Center (Lcc)

A team of specialized social workers, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and forensic doctors provides a series of services to women and children victims of violence and exploitation, and that being under full confidentiality and accordingdiscussions to 2 fundamental principles which are: empowerment and support of self-independence.

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Assisting Women and Children victims of violence and exploitation in Lebanon
The center in KAFA offers: -Free social support and counseling -Free legal consultation -Court representation upon the need -Free psychiatric assessment -Psychotherapeutic follow up upon the need -Forensic medical report -24/7 Helpline service: 00961 3 018019 -Referral to safe houses -Other referral services upon their specific needs The LCC in KAFA supports the actions of the group "L" Intifada des perles" -Self-Help Support Groups for Abused Women: Support groups are offered on a semester basis for women who share been or currently are involved in a battering relationship. It is a gathering of women who share a common problem, condition,or history. By coming together, members share support and ideas on how to cope and live more productive and fulfilling lives. This program is designed to help women look more clearly at, and make decisions about, their abusive relationships.
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ثلاثاء, 08/03/2005 - 2:00am
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المناصرة والتوعية, جريمة, حالة وقضايا النساء
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Beirut LB
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One of the basic methodologies of work used in the LCC is the networking.<br /> <br /> Thus, we had multiple contacts with organizations offering safe sheltering for victims (such as Maria & Martha, YWCA, Bon Pasteur, Mission de Vie, LEISWAD, AFFEL, Dar El Ghanem, SOS, Dar El Aytam Al Islamia, Mohammed Khaled Foundation) and organizations providing complementing services needed to best assisting victims which KAFA do not offer such as medical services, vocational training, food units?etc such as the Ministry Development Community Centers located in all over the Lebanese territory, UPEL, YWCA, Terre des Hommes, Voix de La Femme Libanaise, Makhzoumy Foundation, Hariri Foundation, AJEM, Dar El Amal, Caritas and others.<br /> <br /> The cooperation with our partners was and remains a very fruitful relationship in both ways and represents a vital need to successfully achieve the plan of action designed to each individual case.