NRC Call for Consultancy (Camealeon): Opportunities and Barriers for PWDs in Accessing Social Protection and CVA Programs in Lebanon- ITB ref # 24 BEI 0014

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. We deliver high-quality aid where needs are greatest.  Today, we work in both new and protracted crises across 30 countries, where we provide camp management, food assistance, clean water, shelter, legal aid, and education.

NRC – Camealeon Consortium is planning a research study for its project entitled “Opportunities and Barriers for PWDs in Accessing Social Protection and CVA Programs in Lebanon” and calling consultancy firms and/or team of consultants to apply to the evaluation tender.

How to apply


The complete tender dossier in the English language can be downloaded from NRC e-tendering website using the below link and before the deadline: 09 July 2024–23:30 (Beirut, Lebanon local time).

The tender dossier can be downloaded through the following Link

 Any request for clarification must be received by NRC in writing via eTB link available in the downloaded file 0_LINK TO UPLOAD BID.pdf before 14 July 2024-23:30. NRC will reply to all registered bidders by 15 July 2024-16:30


Closing date for submitting the tender is 21 July 2024, at 23:30 . All bids submitted after that date will be rejected.

Please submit your bids in accordance with the requirements detailed below:

NRC will follow the two envelop process for this procurement. Failure to comply with the submission instruction will lead to supplier disqualification immediately.

Technical and Financial bids have to be uploaded in a separate designated field, otherwise you offer will be disqualified.

Please submit your bid by uploading all files to the e-tender box web site - the Link is included in the file 0_LINK TO UPLOAD BID.pdf, which you downloaded together with this tender package.

After successful bid submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail from eTB system.[1] If you need to re-submit your offer, please add #2 after Company name and only the latest submission will be considered.

If you do not receive an e-mail after submitting your question or bid, and in case of technical problems, please contact [email protected]

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