Three qualified CP Case Workers, 1 based in the Saida, 1 based in Tyre and and 1 based in Beirut Area or surroundings (BML)

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توجيهات التقديم: 

The deadline for submission of CV and Motivation letter is on Wednesday July 3rd, 2024. The interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to the following email [email protected], mentioning the title of the position applied for and the area they are applying to. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Written Technical Test will be required at the next phase of recruitment, while the shortlisted candidates will also have a Panel interview with the Programs Unit and HR. Recruitment is subject to donor budget confirmation.

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Terre des hommes- Lausanne is seeking three qualified CP Case Workers, 1 based in the Saida, 1 based in Tyre and and 1 based in Beirut Area or surroundings (BML).

Only candidates subsiding in the above-mentioned areas with a valid driving license will be considered further in the recruitment process.

In local contexts, the CP case worker acts with the children, youth, families, and their social environment through a global approach in order to:

  • Provide individual case management for all CP cases in accordance with all case management steps and related tools and procedures.
  • Provide ongoing support to families and caregivers, foster and alternative care systems.
  • CP Case Worker will liaise directly with other service providers working within the communities where the project is implemented and facilitate referrals to other service providers (health including Mental health, Shelter, NFIs and /or legal providers, etc.).
  • Directly communicate effectively with other caseworkers and service providers as part of conducting individual CP case management.
  • Ensure that Survivor Centered Approach Guiding principles are maintained and enforced while working with survivors including in safe spaces for women and girls.

In an ethical and deontological approach, the CP case worker helps to create conditions for children, youth, and their families to have the means to be active in their development and to strengthen the social links and solidarity where they live but also to enhance their resilience

Under the management of the Project Officer, the CP Case Worker will perform the following tasks:

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Case Management:

  • Identify individual CP cases through regular presence in the community and accept referrals from other agencies and community partners
  • Conduct initial (rapid) assessments for CP cases and prioritize them according to risk level.
  • Develop case plans that respond to needs addressed in initial and comprehensive assessments and seek the support of the supervisor when necessary.
  • Regularly follow up to ensure all services and action points listed in the case plan are carried out within agreed time frames. Ensure that progress is regularly reviewed.
  • Regularly monitor and support CP cases through home visits, providing guidance, advice, and emotional support, community mediation, and referrals.
  • Work with supervisors and managers to arrange CP case conferences for complex cases and ensure children receive multidisciplinary support.
  • Manage cases in line with CP Standard Operational Procedures (SoPs) and inter-agency Guidelines adhere to standard documentation processes and follow best practice guidance.
  • Apply the National SoPs for case management, while using Best Interests Assessments (BiA) and Best Interests Determination (BiD) procedures when are requested or needed.
  • Ensure Do No Harm analyses are carried out and the principle of Do No Harm is observed and upheld in all the engagements of the CP Case Worker.

Data Management:

  • Regularly document cases using case notes and other agreed-upon forms.
  • Update databases / CPIMS+ to ensure a comprehensive record of the case.
  • Ensure that data collection and storage respect data protection protocols and confidentiality principles.
  • Regularly provide field reports, protection monitoring reports, and reports related to project progress to your line manager.

Coordination and representation:

  • Directly communicate effectively with other caseworkers and service providers in order to advocate, collaborate, and make referrals according to the best interests of children.
  • Regularly attend CP case management meetings and relevant case conferences at the field level.
  • In addition to the CP case management team, collaborate closely with other members of the Child Protection team and GBV team ensuring smooth coordination and referrals.


  • Support the other teams and his/her line manager
  • Undertake all other duties that may be requested by the line manager and that are compatible with the job.

Organisational Policies:

  • Respect the Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct (GCD), Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP), Prevention from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy (PSEA) and Policy on Gender and Diversity and its principles of child protection, ensuring the policy’s implementation and prompt notification of the CSP/PSEA Focal Point with any information regarding potential breaches of the policy.
  • Is aware of, abides by, and promote the practices and values set out in all other Tdh policies and procedures such as the Internal Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, and other policies.
  • Undertake all other duties that may be requested by the line-manager and that are compatible with the job.
  • Participate actively in weekly and monthly coordination meeting with the line managers.


Job Requirements:

Academic Background:  Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field (Psychology, social work, etc.). Master’s degree is a plus but not mandatory. Only candidates with related/relevant educational backgrounds will be considered eligible for the recruitment process of this position.

Experience: At least 2 years of experience in relevant work.

Technical Competencies:

  • Good knowledge of Child Protection
  • Able to deal with young females from different backgrounds
  • Quality, monitoring and reporting
  • Innovation and Development
  • Computer skills
  • Respect for the institutional framework

Other Skills:

  • Good communication and facilitation skills
  • Self-management
  • Mission orientation
  • Teamwork
  • English and Arabic (written, read and spoken - not mandatory)
  • Having a valid Driving license is mandatory

Organizational Competencies:

Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC):

  • Self-management: Manages oneself, time and priority, shows flexibility, availability and adaptability. Self-developing, Identifies and expresses development needs.
  • Communication and interaction: Communicates in a clear, concise, responsible way and constructive way. Listens Actively. Shows Negotiation Skills. Manages conflict constructively.
  • Teamwork: Ability to work on team building. Shows solidarity. Cooperates to achieving goals. Supports and advises colleagues. Uses a collaborative attitude within and outside the department. Creates Trust.
  • Mission orientation: Respects the values defined, Courage, Ambition, Respect and Commitment. Represents the Mission of Tdh and contributes to it. Acts in the interest of Tdh.

Technical and methodological competencies (TMC) :

  • Respect for the institutional framework: Knows and respect Tdh working  framework. Knows and applies the business management policies. Reports any incidents or violations. Applies security guidelines.
  • Innovation & Development: Stays informed on any innovation in the field of work, contributes to their development, shares into good practices. Shares Knowledge and helps to develop colleagues.
  • Quality, Monitoring & Reporting: Selects, analyses and manages information, produces high quality reports, respects reporting guidelines. Collects necessary information for professional activities and monitors self-tasks and goals.
  • Language & Computer skills: Masters language that are useful for the job: Fluency in  Arabic and high level of written and spoken English (Ability to write clear, well-argued and high-quality reports. Masters tools and application that are activity specific : Microsoft office


Reports to: Project Officer & Senior Child Protection Technical Officer


Tdh Foundation, Lausanne has a zero tolerance to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of beneficiaries.  Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) is everyone’s responsibility and all staff are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct, that enshrines principles of PSEA, always (both during work hours and outside work hours).  Familiarization with, and adherence to, the Code of Conduct is an essential requirement of all staff.

منتهية الصلاحية


دليل مدني، شبكة المجتمع المدني، يوفر للمنظمات منصة لنشر الوظائف, وليس مسؤول عن عملية التوظيف. كل منظمة مسجلة على دليل مدني هي مسؤولة بشكل فردي عن منشوراتها وعن عملية التوظيف.

آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
19 يونيو, 2024
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
الأطفال والشباب
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الأربعاء, 3 يوليو 2024
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
Duration is till end of December 31, 2024 renewable based on performance and budget availability.
1,300 USD / month
نطاق الراتب:
بين 1200 و 1500 (دولار أمريكي)
درجة التعليم:
تفاصيل درجة التعليم:
Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field (Psychology, social work, etc.). Master’s degree is a plus but not mandatory. Only candidates with related/relevant educational backgrounds will be considered eligible for the recruitment process of this position.
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بين سنتين و3 سنوات
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