Request for Proposal- Food safety trainer REF#202406FOST

DCA Lebanon as part of its 2023-2027 Strategy is piloting its support to the agricultural sector in South and Mount Lebanon through supporting farmers, specifically those whose lands were impacted by mines and cluster munitions, to adopt sustainable and agroecological approaches. Based on this, DCA is working on implementing two projects “Hazard to Harvest” and “Road to Sustainable Food Production”.

How to apply

Interested bidders are requested to fill the attached DCA Request for Proposal form and send it via email to [email protected] before the closing date which is the 27 of June 2024 at 12:00 PM.

(all the needed technical information are mentioned in the RFP)

Please make sure to follow the below steps:

-  All quotations are to be sent via email before the closing date which 27/June/2024 12:00 PM; addressed to [email protected] 

-  Any quotation received after closing date will be disqualified.

-  Make sure to include the attached DCA Request for Proposal signed and stamp or you will be disqualified.

-  DCA conditions for Services' all forms must be signed and stamped.

-  For any needed technical information please send email to [email protected] Cc [email protected] or contact the Head of Programs Mrs. Mirna El Sabbagh on 70 119 574.

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