Call for Consultant - Gender and Policy Consultant


ABAAD– Resource Center for Gender Equality is a UN ECOSOC accredited organization that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region. ABAAD advocates for the development and implementation of policies and laws that enhance women’s effective participation, through a rights-based approach that would bring about tangible change to gender justice. With the purpose of ending gender-based violence, ABAAD adopts a holistic care approach to provide protection and support services to GBV survivors/right holders during times of peace, war and disasters since 2011.



Generation Gender is a five-year program that aims at positively influencing public opinion, laws and policies towards gender justice, as well as strengthening civil society to advocate for gender justice all the while combatting GBV and inequality. More specifically, the program at hand relies on an innovative and inclusive gender-transformative strategy that equips youth leaders and civil society organizations (CSOs) to address the root causes of gender inequality and foster sustainable change. Its goal is to raise public support, advocate for improved policies and laws, and strengthen civil society.



ABAAD recognizes the critical importance of gender-transformative and youth-inclusive policy-making in fostering equitable and sustainable development. To further this goal, the organization is seeking a qualified expert in gender and policy to design and deliver a workshop targeting a group of young men and women. The workshop will focus on capacitating the youth in question, enabling them to critically analyze policies from a gender and youth perspective, and equip them with the necessary tools to hold peer-to-peer discussion sessions within universities and political parties.


The bid and all relative correspondence and documents exchanged between the bidders and the supplier shall be written in English language only.


The workshop will be delivered in Beirut – Mount Lebanon. However, the shadowing process will take place across different areas across Lebanon (to be determined at a later stage).


  • Holding an inception meeting with ABAAD to align on workshop objectives and ensures key deliverables are met;
  • Designing a comprehensive training curriculum that covers key concepts, case studies (including but not limited to the National Youth Policy, and interactive activities/simulations related to gender-transformative and youth-inclusive policy making;
  • The consultant will maintain ongoing communication with ABAAD and project team.



  • Delivering a six-day workshop utilizing interactive and participatory approaches that will:
    • Build the capacity of young men and women to understand and articulate the importance of gender-transformative and youth-inclusive policy making;
    • Equip participants with facilitation skills to lead round-table discussions on gender and youth issues within their communities;
    • Provide participants with resources and support to effectively engage their peers in dialogue and advocacy around gender equality and youth inclusion in policy making;
    • Foster a network of young advocates who are committed to promoting gender equality and youth inclusion in their respective spheres of influence;
  • Providing ongoing mentorship by supporting participants in preparing and designing their peer-to-peer discussion sessions;
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to participants by shadowing them during the peer-to-peer discussions;
  • Submit a final report detailing achievements, challenges, lessons learnt and main takeaways along with any notable success stories.



  • Applicant is required to have a BA or MA in gender studies, public policy, or other related fields;
  • Applicant must have proven expertise in designing and delivering training programs on gender and/or youth issues.
  • Applicant must have strong facilitation and communication skills, with the ability to engage diverse audiences effectively.
  • Applicant must have experience working in the development sector –particularly engaging with youth networks;
  • Applicant must have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the local context in Lebanon;
  • Applicant must possess excellent communication skills in Arabic;
  • Applicant must have experience working in culturally sensitive contexts.

How to apply

Applicants are invited to submit their offer by email to [email protected] with email title "Consultancy – Gender & Policy " by July 7th, 2024. Your email should contain the following:

  • A technical Proposal outlining the proposed activities to be undertaken to achieve the objectives
  • A financial proposal providing a detailed budget breakdown in USD
  • Supporting documents:
    • Company name, address, registration, registration and financial number/tax ID
    • If Individual, registration and tax number/IDA cover letter (maximum one page).
    • A technical proposal that clearly outlines:
      • Understanding of the assignment
      • Proposed methodology for content development and workshop delivery
    • A Minimum of Two references of humanitarian I/NGO clients for whom similar assignments have been undertaken along with contact person and budget.
    • Portfolio/ Proven track record in rendering similar services/previous experience.
    • CV/profiles of key involved consultants, demonstrating previous experience in the same requested field.
    • A tentative timeline required to complete the assignment, including key milestones


Documents Comprising the Bid

The submitted bid must include the following information.  Failure to supply all requested information or comply with the specified formats may disqualify the bidder from consideration.

  • Valid Certificate of Business registration or Trading License
  • Profile of the company or individual
  • Taxpayer documents and Tax Compliance Certificates
  • Cover letter explaining interest in being a contracted vendor or supplier.
  • Three (3) References from current or past clients (at least in the last one year)
  • Submit samples of previous work that are relevant to the scope of this assignment.



Selection and Evaluation Process:          

Bids determined to be substantially responsive to the abovementioned requirements will be considered for the evaluation process with the below scoring criteria.


To be considered eligible for this consultancy tender, bidders must meet essential 'go or no-go' criteria, primarily based on the submission of required legal documentation. This includes, but is not limited to, valid tax registration and appropriate legal papers demonstrating lawful operation. The tender is open to a diverse range of bidders, including companies, individual consultants, and non-profit organizations. Compliance with these criteria is mandatory for the acceptance of any bid. Failure to provide complete and accurate documentation will result in the disqualification of the bid.


Upon passing the initial 'go' decision based on eligibility, the evaluation of bids will proceed in two distinct parts: technical and financial. The technical evaluation will assess the relevance and adequacy of the proposed approach and the expertise of the bidder, ensuring alignment with the assignment’s objectives and requirements. The financial evaluation will review the cost-effectiveness and overall budget feasibility of

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Remuneration range:
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Duration of Contract:
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