Join our 10th sexuality hotline counselors' training!

It’s that time of the year again!

The A Project welcomes applications for an intensive six day training on Gender, Sexuality, Sexual Health and Reproductive Justice. Applicants wishing to attend the training will have a chance to become part of our team of counselors who answer phone calls on our Sexuality Hotline.

Becoming part of our team of counselors also means you can contribute to feminist research, writing, Fasleh podcast, and outreach activities at The A Project, as well as helping shape the movement around these issues.

Since its launch in November 2016, the hotline has received questions on a wide array of topics, including sexual pleasure, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships, mental health and sexual violence. Check our sexuality hotline reports to learn more about it!

As the number of calls increases, we will need more people to take shifts on the hotline.

Could you be one of the people we are looking for?

// We need people who \\

  • Are interested in sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender justice, and movement building
  • Speak Arabic fluently
  • Are cis and trans women, trans men, or gender non-conforming
  • Commit to attending all the sessions of the training without exception
  • Commit to follow-up trainings over 2 months after the 6-day training is done
  • Trainees also undergo an assessment before being cleared for taking the hotline
  • Are willing to take on paid shifts on the hotline for at least 6 months after their training
  • // And we have a soft spot for those who have \\
  • Attended the Sex and Society Reading Retreat, or the Politics of Mental Health Reading Retreat, or the Reproductive Justice Reading Retreat
  • Contributed to feminist writing, thinking and/or organizing in Lebanon or the region

- you are not expected to have any health-related knowledge or experience in counseling prior to the training. Our counselors do not come from medical or professional backgrounds, but are required to attend intensive sessions to widen their knowledge.

- taking shifts on the hotline is done rotationally (taking turns among other counselors), its voluntary, and paid.

// The training will cover the following \\

  • The politics of sexuality, gender, and non-normativity
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of sexual/reproductive systems
  • Contraception
  • Trans health
  • Reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted infections
  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Sexual violence

A detailed agenda will be sent to chosen applicants.

All transportation and (if needed) accommodation will be provided.
Training Capacity: 15 - 20 people
Training Fee: Paid for by The A Project

How to apply

If you are interested in the sexuality hotline training, we invite you to fill our online application and upload your CV here:


Application Deadline: June 30th, 2023

Any application received after the deadline wont be considered.
Selected applicants will be informed by email.

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