Trainer to conduct 26 in-person training sessions in Hasbaya, to 13 pre-selected MSMEs focusing on Energy Efficiency

About the Program:  

LLWB, in partnership with GIZ, is conducting a program entitled “ EBDA3” , aiming to provide comprehensive support in specific energy and business developments topics to 25 women led MSMEs in two regions: Southern Baalbek and Hasbaya, Lebanon.    

Scope of Consultancy:  

LLWB is calling for: 

One trainer to conduct 26 in-person training sessions in Hasbaya, to 13 pre-selected MSMEs in Hasbaya focusing on Energy efficiency practices during the months of June, July and August 2024.  

Specific tasks include: 

• Providing training on renewable energy sources and their integration into business operations, using the content provided by LLWB. 

• Buidling the capacities of participants of 13 MSMEs on sustainable technology adoption for energy conservation. 

• Offering guidance on waste management techniques to minimize energy consumption. 



The assignment is expected to take place in mid- June, July, and August 2024. 


The ideal candidate should possess: 

• Proven experience in energy efficiency training. 

• Relevant certifications in renewable energy or sustainable technology. 

• Excellent presentation and communication skills in Arabic and English. 


  • Attending one TOT session on the content developed that will be used as material to train the 13 MSMEs during the in-presence training sessions. (Session to be held between June 6 and 11, in Lebanon)  
  • Conducting 26 in presence training sessions in English and/ or Arabic, based on participants language.  
  • The trainer should provide a training agenda and learning objectives and distribute the handouts in both Arabic and English to all the 13 MSMEs participants. 
  • The trainer should provide a training agenda and learning objectives.  
  • The trainer should provide after the training a detailed PDF document to be shared with all participants with content handouts of all sessions and exercises performed.  
  • The trainer should develop and provide to LLWB the pre and posttests for each session, filled by participants and analyzed by the trainer in final report about consultancy accomplishment to LLWB. (Raw completed data by participants should be sent to LLWB, with proof of receipt) 
  • The trainer should provide an evaluation form of the training to LLWB the trainer with an excel link provided along with raw content of participants responses.  
  • The trainer needs to submit a detailed final report in English, including comprehensive insights and outcomes, including challenges encountered and recommendations proposed for each of the MSMEs trained. 
  • Development of a concise article in English, highlighting key success stories of the intervention, focusing on notable achievements and impacts. 

How to apply

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents to [email protected] in separate files, mentioning in the subject of the email “Trainer to train on Energy efficiency Ebda3 project in Hasbaya region in June to august 2024”,    

  • An updated CV with at least 2 references and CV needs to showcase training expertise of applicant in selected topic (in PDF). 
  • A cover letter outlining relevant experience and qualifications. In PDF 
  • A financial proposal including the daily rate per session in USD dollars for developing the above-mentioned deliverables, (mainly 26 training sessions in presence in Hasbaya and final report to LLWB) in PDF. Title of Document should be Financial Proposal for 26 sessions of training on Energy Efficiency in Hasbaya. 
  • Copy of passports or IDs and Lebanese financial registration documents. 
  • Deadline for applications is Wednesday May 29 2024, Noon time (Lebanon time).   

Failing to provide these documents will lead to a deduction of the withholding tax (8.5%) as per the Lebanese Law. 

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر مدة للتقديم
الأربعاء, 29. مايو 2024
نوع الدعوة
دعوة لتقديم الاستشارات
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
زراعة, سياسات الأعمال والاقتصاد, الحكم الرشيد والشفافية
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
3 Months