RFP 125895 - Climate Capacity Building Consultant

Mercy Corps is seeking to contract a Climate Capacity Building Consultant to provide comprehensive training to MCL staff over a three-day period. The sessions will cover a range of climate-related topics, starting from foundational concepts of climate change to specific issues and impacts relevant to the Lebanese context. Training can also encompass technical topics such as climate financing, circular economy, agro-ecology, climate-smart practices, energy economics… With a focus on practical applications, the consultant will equip staff with the knowledge and skills to integrate climate considerations into program design, engage stakeholders effectively, and implement sustainable practices both at the organizational level and within program activities. This capacity building initiative aims to enhance the MCL team's understanding of climate dynamics and empower them to better respond to address climate related programming opportunities.

Mercy Corps will only accept applications from registered local NGOs, CSO, or companies.

How to apply

Interested applicants who wish to apply to this opportunity can use the attached scope of work to base their proposals on.

Applicants will have to submit their proposals via email to [email protected] along with the filled supplier information form on or before 12  May 2024 at 4:00 PM the latest.

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