Call For Applications - Youth Led Advocacy

About DRI

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organisation registered in Berlin. DRI promotes the political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies, and the development of democratic institutions worldwide. Democratic discourse is the basis of our mission and vision. In our work, we facilitate discussion and exchange about democratic government and the need for a continuous discourse adhering to democratic rules.  

DRI has been active in Lebanon since 2016. We strengthen democracy by bringing it closer to people through effective local governance, improved transparency, and citizen participation. Our work in Lebanon focuses on three areas:

  • Empowering civil society, notably youths and women, to participate actively in political life and elections, increasing their representation in decision-making positions.
  • Promoting good governance, public integrity, and the rule of law.
  • Increasing engagement between people and local authorities to help improve how public services are delivered and cooperation between different levels of government.

About the Project

The project “Localising political reform in Lebanon: Supporting local governments and civil society to effect change in their communities” contributes to setting the political reform agenda through building a community of change makers at the national and local level. The project aims at equipping reform-minded public officials and civil society actors with the tools and resources to gain increased influence on public institutions and local communities, ultimately pushing for policy reforms along the principles of inclusivity, accountability, and good governance.

Considering the crucial importance of including young people in this process, the project supports youth-led advocacy dynamics through political debates and the funding of awareness-raising activities led by young activists and advocacy groups. These activities are designed to engage students, democracy advocates, and young change-makers with public officials and to promote political reform.

The Call for Partnerships

DRI is seeking to partner with youth-led civil society organisations (CSOs) from all geographical areas in Lebanon to support advocacy initiatives in favour of political reform.

Applicants should propose debates that engage students, democracy advocates, and young change-makers with public officials and support them to reclaim the political arena.

The concept notes must propose activities that address at least one of the thematic areas below:

  • Increasing the participation of women, young people, and/or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups in the local community.
  • Strengthening the capacity of public bodies to provide public services and to better serve their population.
  • Curbing corruption through the implementation of Access to Information, Digital Transformation, the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, or the new Public Procurement Law.

We are interested in collaborating with advocacy platforms, campaigns, networks, university clubs, and communities that bring together students, young activists, and young professionals from various backgrounds to discuss innovative solutions to Lebanon’s problems.

The project concept notes must develop the following information:

  • Two political debates. The latter’s expenses shall be covered by DRI (Catering and Venue Rental expenses)
  • At least two hands-on activities that spark audience awareness and help youth-led groups to “walk the talk” and implement advocacy ideas that cater to a young audience of activists using original formats, such as exhibitions, public debates, conferences, and more.
  • Applicants should mention the objective of the project, targeted audience(s), methodology/approach, expected results, detailed activities, with a budget breakdown for each activity.

Once the required documents are submitted, shortlisting of successful applicants shall take place. The shortlisted organisations will be invited to present their concept notes and project ideas in a presentation format for DRI team at our local office in Beirut.

How to apply

Grant Requirements and Process

Interested candidates can apply for a grant amount of up to 1,500 EUR. Applicants must fill out and submit the attached Application Form that includes the organisation’s information (title, location, organigram, etc.), project concept note, previous experience, action plan, and budget in compliance with DRI criteria. The submission will be evaluated as part of the shortlisting phase.

Submission documents:

  1. Completed application form (Annex I) in either English or Arabic, with accurate data, including all sections (i.e., concept note, budget, organigram, etc.).
  2. Annex II – Proof of Registration along with official registration documents or adequate financial guarantees in case of non-legal entities.
  3. Project references indicating previous experience in project implementation or project closure certificates.
  4. Organisational organigram including the team to be involved in the project implementation.

Once the required documents are submitted, the shortlisting of successful applicants shall take place. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their concept notes in a presentation format for DRI team at our local office in Beirut.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You will find attached the Evaluation Grid (Annex III), to be used within DRI’s internal assessment, for a better understanding of the selection criteria.

Submit your application via email, to [email protected], with the subject line “Partnership Application – Your Organisation – Advocacy Grants”. 

Application deadline is 15 April 2024.

Clarification requests may be submitted via email to [email protected].

An online information session was held on 8 April 2024 at 12:00 PM Beirut time. Use the following link to check the recorded Zoom session:

Passcode: ^d8^R0Jp


  1. Mandatory criteria:

The applicant must be a not-for-profit entity that is legally registered in Lebanon with an active bank account. Non-registered organisations may co-apply alongside the lead applicant.

  1. Preferred criteria:
  • Experience in implementing similar projects.
  • Successful implementation of development and/or good governance programming which targeted as many of the following core stakeholders as possible: civil society, women, young people, media, national and local authorities, and regional and international organisations.
  • Track record in the following methodologies: training, advocacy, community outreach, awareness.
  1. Ineligible Entities:
  • Individuals.
  • International not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations.
  • Political parties, groups, or institutions or their subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • Government institutions (includes entities in which the Government of Lebanon owns shares and/or entities that are partially or fully funded by the Government).
  • Organisations that advocate or promote anti-democratic policies or illegal activities.

Organisations that refuse to sign all required certifications and assurances as part of this Call.

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