Online Application - A tool for complaint and reporting

Developmental Action to all People - Mousawat is implementing "Protecting Women and Girls from Sexual Harassment in Taxi" and one of the tools that we want to use through the project is "An Online Application".  


Mousawat is secular non-governmental Lebanese NGO that was established in 2007. Mousawat mainly working in Tripoli region and target both Lebanese and refugee communities, which aiming at changing imbalance power structure and achieving social justice.
Our Vision is the promotion of massive societal change related to gender equality in Tripoli by investing in men, women and girls. 
Our Mission: is to eliminate violence against women and girls, and to empower women and girls by equipping them with necessary tools and knowledge that ease their access to their rights 

How to apply

Specialized Companies and or establishments who are interested, pleace send an email to request ToR to [email protected] with subject: ToR-Online_Application

The deadline is March 4, 2024 at 11:59 am. 

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