Truck rental & Handling casual Labor : Ref# 1854 - Extended

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is currently seeking qualified vendors to offer Truck rental & Handling casual Labor services in Lebanon.


To assist you in understanding the requirements of this tender, we have attached herein the Terms & Conditions and the Code of Conduct


How to apply

To apply, kindly submit your application through the below online form on or before the submission deadline:

Apply by clicking here


Please note that submissions made through any other media other than the above designated form will not be taken into consideration


All bids submitted with trucks manufactured at an earlier year than 2005 will be accepted; however, they will not be eligible for the full score or mark associated with this criteria.


Interested bidders with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing to [email protected] at least 48 hours before the submission deadline and by copying the Reference Number (Ref# 1854) in the email subject line.

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