Request for Quotation of Agriculture Equipment to cluster of farmers

RMF is currently Requesting for Quotation of Agriculture Equipment to cluster of farmers for five clusters (Donieh - Tannourin - Zgharta - Beqaakafra and Koura) in North Lebanon as part of Shabake 2 project in North Lebanon.

The project aims to enhance economic development (medium-term), and food security (long-term), by engaging 75 farmers, and 12 MSMEs, in the North-Lebanon region, currently working on promising, food security enhancing agricultural value chains, with capacity building, in-kind support, as well as enhanced access to markets. Additionally, the project aims to fill in a market gap of essential crops, as the targeted value chains are considered one of the most essential nutritious crops for the human being planted in farmers’ lands in the area.


he Selection Criteria:

Criteria 1: Price 80%

Criteria 2: Technically as detailed specs 20%

N.B: Please share the Brands/Data sheets/Catalogues/Pictures along with the offer.

How to apply

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites you to send your offers by email to [email protected] mentioning SHA-PR2024-004 Equipment to cluster of farmers

The deadline for Submission is March 07th, 2024

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الخميس, 07. Mar 2024
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