About the project

As part of a consortium with three other organisations, International Alert is responsible for conducting a context analysis for the Nataf3al project in order to inform the project implementation and ensure conflict sensitivity. Alert is also responsible for conducting a needs assessment in targeted schools in order to inform the design of the ‘community school model’ and to ensure the project actively works towards strengthening social cohesion.

The purpose of the context analysis is to inform the Nataf3al project implementation by

  • Ensuring Do No Harm and Conflict Sensitivity
  • Tailoring the intervention to effectively strengthen social cohesion (through the Community School Model)

Specifically, the context analysis needs to identify the main sources of tension in the school community, to map the main stakeholders in the school community and their relationships and perceptions of each other (school staff, school bodies, students, parents, MEHE, key institutions and organisations in the community, other schools) and to assess interest, challenges and opportunities for strengthening social cohesion in each area.

The purpose of the needs assessment is to inform the Nataf3al project implementation by

  • Identifying training and support needs in each school that will enable it to become a model ‘Community School’.

The methodology and tools for the context analysis and needs assessment have been developed in consultation with the partners. The Consultant will collect data directly in other schools.


Objectives of the consultancy

The overall objective of the consultancy is to provide a contextual overview of the country; mainly the project’s areas of operation, in addition to the current situation of the education sector and how it interelates with the social stability aspects. This assignment will help Alert and its partners come up with effective and relevant entry points for the last phase of  the project.

The expected deliverables of the consultant will be:

  1. To develop a clear methodology and update existing tools for the assignment (based on a previous context analysis assignment done on this project)
  2. To collect data directly in some target areas (locations to be confirmed in consultation with the partners)
  3. To lead on analysis with support from Alert, and
  4. To produce the context analysis report.
  5. To share a context analysis report and a PPP with Alert with main findings, conclusions and recommendations and present it to partners.



The context analysis and needs assessment will be conducted as a single study, using mixed methods. The following tools will be used:

  1. Key informant interviews (KIIs); to be done in person or by phone.
    1. KIIs with school principals (partners)
    2. KIIs with school psychologists and school liaison officers (partners)
    3. KIIs with other organisations who have previous or ongoing collaboration with the Nataf3al schools (partners)
    4. KIIs with municipal officials (Consultant)
    5. KIIs with MEHE officials at central and regional level (IA and/or Consultant)
  2. Focus group discussions (FGD); to be done in person.

2.1. FGD with teachers of both shifts, joint or separate, depending on whether the same teachers work in both shifts (partners or Consultant)

2.2. FGDs with caregivers/ parents of children in both shifts, separate (partners or Consultant)

2.3 Interactive/ Scenario-based FGDs with children in schools (partners or Consultant)

  1. Survey questionnaire; to be administered online or on paper

3.1. A survey questionnaire for school staff, paper-based or online (distributed by partners, data processed by Consultant)

  1. School Profiling tool

The Consultant with support from Alert Team will compile all data and conduct a preliminary data analysis. A workshop with the partners will be held to review the preliminary findings and draw conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.

The Consultant will draft the report and include specific conclusions and recommendations for social cohesion approach/ activities in each assessed school. A focus on literature review and a selection of schools per location are key for the success of the consultancy. The report will include a general context analysis on conflict factors and dynamics related to education, and annexes for each assessed area summarising context issues and dynamics, needs & gaps, and recommendations for the implementation of the Community School model and the advocacy phase of the project.




Alert will work closely with the consultant to brief them on the methodology and tools developed.

The project targets 20 schools in 5 locations: in the Bekaa, in the North, in Baalbeck-Hermel, in Beirut and in Mount Lebanon.

The Consultant is responsible for 3 deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: Detail workplan and updated tools
  • Deliverable 2: Draft report
  • Deliverable 3: Final report


Timeline and level of effort – Total : 18 days

Dec 1st – 4 – 5 : 2 days

Inception meeting

Methodology and tools development (based on a previous context analysis assignment done on this project)

Dec 7 – Jan 5 : 8 days

Data collection

Jan 8 – 17 : 5.5 days

Draft report, validation meeting

Jan 29 : 2.5 days

Final report & Power Point Presentation

1 session presentation to the partners



Consultant profile

  • At least 5 years of experience in conducting context analyses and needs assessments.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Lebanese context with regards to development assistance, Do No Harm, conflict sensitivity, localisation and social stability
  • Experience with and understanding of the public education system in Lebanon and its response to the Syrian crisis.
  • Professional and educational background in international relations, international development, diplomacy or peacebuilding
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic and ability to conduct interviews and focus group discussions in Arabic
  • Cultural sensitivity and commitment to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and professionalism, including following data protection guidelines
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines


Education degree: MA

Experience required:

  • 5-10 years

Languages - English: Excellent. Arabic: Excellent.

Period: Data collection expected from 7 December till 5 January.

Compensation: Competitive price offers

How to apply

Submission guidelines: Interested individuals should submit the following documents to [email protected] not later than 24 November 2023: - An expression of interest (EoI) highlighting the Consultant’s experience with similar assignments, description of his/her plans to deliver the service, and a proposed timeline - A CV of not more than 4 pages - A Financial proposal, including daily fees and communication/transportation costs.

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