RFQN-LBBRO-23-0029 Request for Quotation for the Supply and Delivery of Various Medical Equipment and Devices to Syria.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – Global Humanitarian Services and Supply Chain Management Department, Middle East and North Africa Office is currently conducting international tender for the supply and delivery of various medical equipment and devices to Syria, as part of its humanitarian operations.

How to apply

Tender documents can be requested by e-mail from: [email protected]; cc: [email protected]

INITIAL Deadline for submission of proposal: Tuesday 25 July 2023, 23:59 (Beirut Local Time)

EXTENDED Deadline for submission of proposal: Sunday 30 July 2023, 23:59 (Beirut Local Time)

Offer should be submitted in English language.

IFRC reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your proposal and the lowest evaluated bid need not be accepted.

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