Background and Objectives

The United Nations Development Programme – UNDP and the Government of Canada are working to advance the economic empowerment of women in Lebanon. In recognition of the significant hurdles and obstacles that women encounter in the economic sphere, a comprehensive initiative has been put in place to promote women’s economic participation across the country, in collaboration with a number of local partners.

Aligned with the initiative’s overarching mission of fostering sustainable and long-term progress towards women’s economic empowerment, ADVOCACY THROUGH VIDEO A Competition inspired by WOMEN’s RIGHTS has been launched. This competition, implemented in partnership with Family Rights Forum, is aimed at cultivating a supportive environment for women’s economic participation and is open to men and women who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from media, audio-visual, and communication arts programs.

The competition features a one-week training program that will conclude with the production of video content that seeks to increase public awareness regarding the issues faced by women in the economic sphere, including discrimination, abuse, and different forms of gender-based violence (GBV) The participants will work closely with the trainers to create 30 secs – to 1-minute advocacy videos.

A closing event will follow the camp, including screening the competing advocacy films, jury deliberation, and announcement of the winners.

Five winners will be awarded an in-kind grant of USD 3,000 each.

How to apply

For eligibility and to apply visit UNDP’s website following the below link:

Submission deadline: March 24, 2023  

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