LRPS 2021-9165126- Qudwa Child development app

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a mobile app for caregivers to keep track of their children’s developmental milestones, access information on child development and ways to support children including non-violent declinatory practices as well as a community of other parents and caregivers to share experiences with self-care tips. The app will foster a community of shared positive inputs that will be promoted through a combination of ground-rules and promoted ‘nudges’ within the app.  The app will go through 2 phases: the first phase will be the Child protection technical phase that will be consisting of collecting feedback from caregivers and stakeholders, creating the material, structuring the app and developing the different faces of the app. The second phase will be the software phase where the design and the coding/software development will occur. The App will be in both languages’ Arabic and English. Establish a partnership with barber shops to train and sensitize barbers on positive parenting, gender equity, empathy and non-violence. Barbers will serve as the

In parallel, UNICEF along with partners will also be developing a different mobile application targeting children with a focus on MHPSS.  Where it is needed, the contractor should ensure that there are linkages and proper coordination between the two mobile applications. UNICEF will provide support and guidance.

How to apply

UNICEF Lebanon would like to tender for Qudwa Child development app as stipulated in the attached LRPS. Hence, I am writing to invite you for submitting your proposal to LRPS-2021- 9165126.

You are kindly requested to quote your best price and submit your proposal by e-mail ONLY to: [email protected] not later than 12:00h, 03 March 2021, otherwise it will be considered invalid.


Proposals should be sent by email ONLY to [email protected] in two separate emails not later than 12:00h, 03 March 2021: one email for the technical proposal and one email for the financial proposal.

- Email for technical proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- technical proposal. The email must include: The technical proposal only without prices.

- Email for price proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- price proposal. The email must include: The price proposal.

Proposals sent in another manner will be invalid.


The reference LRPS-2021- 9165126 must be shown in the e-mail's subject.



Please note that any inquiries related to this request will be acceptable through e-mail ONLY ([email protected] & [email protected]) and will not be considered through phone calls.


Please confirm receiving this email and your intention to bid.



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