LRPS-2020-9163950 to Establish child-friendly hearing spaces in two Palaces of Justice in Lebanon

Under the overall guidance of the UNICEF Child Protection Section, and reporting to the UNICEF Construction Designer, the companies specialized in steel construction and prefabrication are required to undertake the construction works of the child-friendly hearing facilities in two Palaces of Justice. The designs of the different spaces have been developed by a UNICEF Consultant at an earlier phase. The construction work shall be undertaken within 90 days (within a period of 3 months).



  1. “Client” or Employer means UNICEF;
  2. “Bidders” means all contractors entitled to submit their offers based on the TOR that they have received from UNICEF;
  3. “Contractor/s” the winning bidder who will sign the contract with the client;          
  4. “UNICEF’s consultant” is the Construction Designer who has been awarded the consulting services contract for the Project by the client to supervise and follow up throughout the implementation phase until works handover and final closure of the project.
  5. Volume 1 is TOR, Volume 2 “Specifications”, Volume 3 “Bills of Quantities”, and Volume 4 “Drawings”.

How to apply

Kindly note that LRPS-2020-9163950 proposals submission deadline has been extended till 21 January 2021 maintaining the same terms and conditions.

You are kindly requested to quote your best price and submit your proposal by e-mail ONLY to: [email protected] not later than 12:00h, 21 January 2021 ; otherwise it will be considered invalid.


Proposals should be sent by email ONLY to [email protected] in two separate emails not later than 12:00h, 21 January 2021 : one email for the technical proposal and one email for the financial proposal.

- Email for technical proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- technical proposal. The email must include: The technical proposal only without prices.

- Email for price proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- price proposal. The email must include: The price proposal.


The reference LRPS- 9163950 must be shown in the e-mail's subject.

Proposals sent in another manner will be invalid.



Please note that any inquiries related to this request will be acceptable through e-mail ONLY ([email protected] & [email protected]) and will not be considered through phone calls.

 Kindly make sure that the e-mail mentions the LRPS reference number: LRPS-2020-9163950.


Please confirm receiving this email and your intention to bid.

The LRPS related documents can be received by sending an email to: [email protected]


Bidders are required to bring all mandatory original legal documents as hard copy mentioned in para IX under Mandatory Qualification Requirements before the RFP submission closing date, which will be checked for validity before the proposals opening date. The bidders will be shortlisted for future UNICEF construction projects accordingly prior to the opening of the technical and financial proposals.



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