Main Description:

  • Custom software development, to run more efficiency to meet our specific requirements from simple to complex
  • Fast loading and compatible with the most popular browsers
  • Content management system which will allow USPEaK to edit the content, photos, delete pages or add pages and to make changes easily to the website
  • New Dynamic / interactive and responsive website with latest designing and developing technology
  • Fresh new web design that is easy to navigate and provides useful information about USPEaK
  • Integrate USPEaK’s applications and social media pages to the website
  • High security
  • 2 years renewal and maintenance


Website Structure:

We ask for a Website of one main page plus 6 subpages.

Subpage for online course means:

  • Educational games
  • Secure login method for both host and subscribers
  • Secure website surfing with high security
  • Secure payments method
  • Mobile friendly

Plus multimedia and advertisements compatibility

How to apply

Send your quotations including time needed in phases, currency and method of payment to 

[email protected]

Use WD USPEaK as a subject title

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