Expert (Independent/ Body) to deliver Quality and Transparency on Provision of Municipal Services

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Post: Expert (Independent/ Body) to deliver Quality and Transparency on Provision of Municipal Services

Component Result: R_1_C2_Capacity building design and delivery


Project: Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli


  1. Introduction

The Municipality of Tripoli receivedon the 15th of January 2016 a grant from the European Union (EU) to realize the project” Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli” over a period extending to 48 months that included 2 extension periods of 6 months each.The overall objective of the project is to improve the institutional and operational contribution to governance and development process in the Municipality of Tripoli.The Specific objectives of the project areto improve access in Bab El Tabbane,Jabal Mohsen and El Ghouraba to basic and adequate socialservices on a sustainable basis.All three communities will benefit from a positive impact on different levels especially on Health, Education, Job Creation and awareness levels. Five Expected results derive from the project.


  1. The project

The project derives from four basic facts advanced by the Municipality of Tripoli:

  1. The local authority and civil society are in need for capacity building.
  2. Health is a fundamental human right and should be available to all people regardless of gender, social class, ethnicity and age.
  3. Job opportunities are very limited due to the deficiency of educational skills.
  4. Recreational activities allowing the cohesion of the dissimilar zones allow a better synergy.

It consists of:

  • Enhancement of the capacities of the municipal council and staff of Tripoli Municipality on management issues, managing development, institutional, technical and organizational development, networking and coordination, local governance and accountability, aiming at enhancing their role in the provision of public basic services and development projects.
  • Consolidation of social cohesion, and the promotion of the synergy between the Municipal Council and the civil society.
  • Coordination of efforts of existing local resources (Municipality & CSOs) through participatory approach, to establish a common plan that reflects their vision as a local authority and CSOs so they can together give a push for the policy process and the development process in general and specifically in the regions of Bab El Tabbaneh - Jabal Mohsen and El Ghouraba where the project will be realized.


  1. Tasks

The Expected Result (1) of the project is toenhance the capacity building of the Municipality of Tripoli, its internal institutional development policy (that includes both municipal council and municipal staff communication channels, performance and know-how) and its coordination with the civil society organizations in matters related to inclusive strategic planning, governance and accountability in local development.

For this purpose, the Municipality of Tripoli is seeking to contract a short-term local expert to design and deliver a training program to cover the following topic: “Quality and Transparency On Provision Of Municipal Services” to members of the municipal council and to the head of departments and sections (municipal staff),


  1. Objectives

The main objective of this module is to reinforce the technical capacities of municipal council and staff in order to perform administrative and management responsibilities in a transparent manner.

The following topics will be delivered in this module:

  • Municipal  ISO  37120 - 9001
  • Improving quality of life and sustainability
  • Measuring municipal performance in a comparable and verifiable manner
  • Getting best quality each time and in the most effective way 
  • Quality Management system
  • Staff : Service history - Tasks and duties- Training and coaching- yearly evaluation -
  • Document control - Computer security - Protection and retrieval of records
  • Maintenance operations - stores and records
  • Internal auditing - corrective actions- Auditing Documentation
  •  Monitoring, measuring and improving its own performance
  • Practical exercises and working groups


  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Expert

The Expert will be responsible of the following tasks:

Develop the training program and methodological approach and take in charge the conception, design, production and delivery of instruction material related to this assignment.

  • Maintain a record of participants’ attendance and provide feedback to the municipality.
  • Deliver the training courses. 
  • Evaluate participants’ performance, knowledge and skills after the completion the training module
  • Elabortae a final report on the training including information on discussions, conclusions and a brief evaluation


  1. Contract duration and contract ceiling
  • The contract duration is two weeks and will start on the day of its signature with the Municipality of Tripoli and after coordination with the project team.
  • The maximum number of working days that the expert is expected to spend during the duration of his contract is:4 Days
  • The ceiling of the contract is: 1000 Euros and include the preparation and the design of the training material, the delivery of the 2-day training and the realization of the final training report.


  1. Evaluation of proposals and award of the contract

Proposals will be evaluated by the concerned committee. Methodology and CV will have a grade over 80 and the financial offer will have a grade over 20. The total evaluation grade of the expert will be the sum of the two grades and over 100.


  1. Dependence

The expert will report to the Project Coordinator and will coordinate his/her work with the Mayor, the steering committee and the Project team. 


  1. Deliverables

The following deliverables are requested from the expert:

  • The Instructional aids and material used in the training (PowerPoints, documents, presentations, training curriculum, etc.)
  • Report on the training related to the topic as conducted by the expert
  • Report for future capitalization that includes evaluation of the participants’ performance, knowledge and skills after the completion of the training module and evaluation of the impact of the program
  • Attendance sheets of the trainees together with photos of the sessions

All above deliverables should be presented in English as hard copy (2 copies) and soft copy. A synthesis (summary) in Arabic of the deliverables should be presented as well to the Municipality.


  1. Education/Professional experience and skills


  • Strong presentation, communication and facilitation skills and ability to establish good working relationships with participants.
  • Strong interpersonal and motivational skills and sensitivity to the local environment
  • Excellent training, data analytical and interpretation skills.
  • Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools and techniques.
  • Extensive experience of collaboratively designing multi-topic training modules
  • Extensive experience in delivery multi-day training courses for a wide variety of audiences, particularly groups who will have the responsibility of training others.

Required qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree/advanced diploma in education, law, social sciences, humanities, or related field.
  • Good knowledge of local context and community in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon.
  • Languages: Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English. (Fluency in French is an additional asset)
  • IT skills, particularly Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills and strong team spirit.
  • Self-motivated and organized with a demonstrated capacity to manage time and personal work plan.


How to apply

XI. Submission of proposals

Interested experts are invited to submit their proposals in two components, a technical part and a financial part. Each of the two components should be placed inside a separate sealed envelope showing on the outside the title of the component (Technical of Financial). The two envelopes containing the technical and financial parts should be placed inside one main envelope. The main envelope should be submitted sealed and should show on the outside just the project name as follows: 

Project: Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli

Quality and Transparency On Provision Of Municipal Services

Any other sentence, mark, sign or logo shown on the outside of the main envelope that may refer to the identity of the expert presenting the proposal will lead to discarding the proposal.

The technical proposal should contain:

-Name and Coordinates of the expert presenting the proposal.

- Copy of the registration of the expert at the Lebanese Ministry of Finance

- The Expert CV that highlights the expertise needed in the TORs;

- An elaborated methodology of work (maximum 2 pages) where the expert explains the approach s/he will undertake to implement the proposed tasks.

- A Gantt chart of the proposed schedule of activities

- In case the applicant is a CSO, a complete file showing that the CSO is working in the targeted area, together with a detailed proposal, report of its activities in the same field of activity proposed in the action and a financial report for the past three years should be attached also to the proposal. 

The financial proposal should contain:

- A financial offer including the expert expected dues for the whole intervention in Euros.

All proposals should reach the Municipality of Tripoli, Tall Square, Tripoli-Lebanon not later than

12:00 noon of day 29/10/ 2019

All requests for clarifications, should be addressed in writing by e-mail to the following mail address: [email protected]

Proposals sent by e-mail will be discarded.

XII. Settlement of the expert dues

The expert dues will be settled, after receipt and acceptance of all requested deliverables and against an invoice submitted to the Municipality of Tripoli at the end of his/her contract

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