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We are an eager team of motivated Lebanese Optometrists who commenced Vision Care Association (VCA), an organization that aims to protect and defend the rights of Optometry students and Optometrists, to improve the level of Optometry in Lebanon by working on different aspects including educational, professional, and ethical levels. As VCA, we also provide free eye-care assessments along with other medical, educational, and social services for all individuals across Lebanon and the Middle East regardless their divergent backgrounds.As VCA, we are helping to transform lives through the gift of vision for sight is the most treasured of our senses. It can make a distinction between a life of poverty and opportunity. Thus, serving as a catalyst to making an outstanding difference in advanced eye care profession.


We believe a human should never be limited by poor vision.

1- Protect students, optometrists and opticians by defending their rights and practices, while working on the improvement of their social, financial, cultural, medical, scientifical, and economical states.

2- Provide the needed actions for taking the right decisions for the sake of the profession in front of the government and official authorities, which will improve the level of the profession.

3- Organize all kinds of medical and scientific seminars, courses, conferences, within Lebanon, the Arabic Countries, and Globally.

4- Reunite the affiliates, spread the spirit of cooperation among them, strive to organize their affairs, work to improve their conditions, and work on the continuous improvement of their scientific level, and consequently the level of optics and optometry in Lebanon.

5- Establishing a specialized scientific, medical journal, translating, publishing medical literature, issuing pamphlets, creating a medical library, and working on establishing educational and scientific programs on the Internet.

6- Marketing the science of modern and advanced medical techniques and treatments to ensure medical quality.

7- Collaborate with schools, universities, institutes, associations, clubs, and councils of optometry (Locally, Eastern Mediterranean (Arabs World) and globally).

8- Organize free eye examination campaigns, donating eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

9- Organize awareness campaigns related to the safety of the eye and sight through precautious medical explanations.

10- Conduct scientifical and statistical research.


Despite coming from various backgrounds & distinct areas across Lebanon & have studied at different universities, we were able to unite optometry from Beirut to Beqaa, North, and South…
We have a lot of common: “ A Passion for Optometry ”


1-   Mobile Clinic
At VCA, we provide regular preventative eye tests associated with several eye care services to help you.
Tests Include: Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Color Vision, Stereopsis, Binocular Vision, Anterior & Posterior Eye Examinations, Contact Lens Fitting, etc.
Furthermore, we afford and offer our patients with the suitable spectacles or needed contact lenses according to their finalized prescription. Also, reminders of follow-up exams are offered by our professional optometrists and administrative team to preserve the health and clarity of your vision.

2-   Seminars and Conferences
Seminars and conferences are conducted to keep optometrists, opticians, and eye-care professionals updated with the latest technologies, thereby refreshing and enhancing their theoretical information. Besides, we organize workshops and practices to improve their technical and practical experience.

3-   Awareness Campaigns
Awareness campaigns are conducted to educate a high percentage of people unaware of having refractive errors about the importance of routine eye examinations.
Awareness campaigns are performed in collaborations with other medical associations to shed the light on ophthalmic and other systemic diseases.

4-   Statistics and Research
VCA is involved in processing and publishing statistics and scientific research related to the optometric field and eye care profession. In addition, we assist master students to fulfill their requirements for their thesis projects.


We achieved:

Since the launching of Vision Care Association on July first, 2017 and until April fifth, 2022

✓ Working on amending a just and equitable law for the Optics & Optometry profession in Lebanon to combat corrupt and unlicensed optical shops, preserve students and graduates’ rights, and raise the level of the optometric profession. The law is now officially released, waiting for the appropriate application.

✓ Organizing 13 Webinars and 1 Congress.

✓ Launching of the first ophthalmic mobile clinic in the Middle East in terms of dimensions, features, equipment, and medical staff.

✓ More than 6500 patients were provided with free eye care assessments.

✓ More than 2000 eyeglasses were distributed for patient s in need.

✓ More than 47 Surgeries were conducted in collaboration with LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital.

✓ More than 17 ocular prostheses were provided for patients who lost their eyes due to Beirut’s explosion and demonstrations.

✓ Providing over 100 free cataract surgeries for patients in need.

The law is now officially released, waiting for the appropriate application.

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1- Lebanese American University Medical Center - Rizk Hospital (LAUMC-RH) 2- American University of Science & Technology (AUST) 3- Universite Sainte Famille - Batroun (USF) 4- Taanayel General Hospital 5- Climbaid 6- Naser Club - Barelias 7- DAFA 8- Lebanese International University (LIU) 9- Stay Safe 10 - NABAD for Development 11- HUG 12- Dar Al Zahraa (DAZ)


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