Paper commissioned for the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010, Reaching the marginalized

Review of marginalisation of people with disabilities in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Using a social exclusion conceptual framework, this paper identifies several causes of marginalization of people with disabilities in the context of the MENA region. Focusing on Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, the incidence, prevalence, causes and characteristics of people with disabilities are reported. The educational experiences of children and youth with disabilities from early childhood through secondary school are described. Findings from these experiences are used to recommend strategies to address exclusionary policies and practices in order to promote inclusion. Strategies focus on legislation and policies, as well as addressing cultural and structural barriers through specific interventions.

United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization
تاريخ النشر: 
الخميس, 1 يناير 2009
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Disability & Special Needs
Disability & Special Needs, Education, Policy Interventions