Recovery And Development Program For Women Effected By The Armed Conflict In Nehr Al Bared

The project comprises Awareness and training for women to alleviate the psychosocial impacts of the war on them and on their children, work kits for women to reestablish their micro income generation enterprises, VTC grants for women affected by the war in Nehr Al Bared camp .in addition to awareness raising.

الأهداف العامة: 
1- Alleviating the psychosocial impacts of the war on women and their households. 2- Raising the awareness of women on their rights and the ways of protecting themselves and their children s health.. 3- Facilitating resources for income generation activities among women who are the bread winners to their households. 4- Improving the vocational skills of the targeted women..
1- Psychosocial training for women to enable them resolving the problems of their own and their children problems caused by war. 2- Awareness seminars, workshops, publications, related to avoiding the risks caused by the war as well as the negative impacts of the armed conflict on their own and their children s health. 3- Providing simple work kits for 45 women who are the bread winners to their households to enable them establishing micro income generation units depending on their domestic skills. 4- Providing vocational grants for 45 women to help them improving their V skills as pathway for practicing income generation activities.
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اثنين, 28/07/2008 - 3:00am
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