Skoun Lebanese Addictions Center

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20/09/2023 - 3:59م

Skoun is a Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental organization and one of the first outpatient facilities in Lebanon offering, Prevention, Treatment and Support to people, who use drugs. 

In Arabic, “SKOUN” means internal tranquility and silence. “SKOUN” is also an Arabic punctuation mark, which indicates a pause "،" while pronouncing a word. 


SKOUN strives to ensure that drug use and addiction are treated as primary health issues.

يسعى مركز سكون جاهدا لضمان التعامل مع استخدام المخدرات والإدمان كمسألة صحيّة أساسيّة


SKOUN provides accessible treatment, education and protection for all people who use drugs. We are committed to reducing the harms caused by substance use in Lebanon

يقدّم مركز سكون العلاج والتعليم والحماية لجميع الأشخاص الذين يستخدمون المخدرات. نحن ملتزمو ن بالحدّ من المخاط ر الناجمة عن
استخدام المخدرات في لبنان


At Skoun we do not tolerate, condone or ignore bullying, harassment or hate speech of any kind towards anyone.

At the core of our work is inclusion. We are committed to provide an equal, open and diverse environment within all of our activities. Our services are provided without discrimination.

We are committed to protecting the security and comfort of everyone within our centers/services.

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HR and Administration Manager
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+961 81 334 796
Rafik Hariri University Hospital, Auxiliary Villa # 3
Jnah- Beirut
Beirut , Beirut
الهاتف: +961 1 845 512
Beirut LB
Jnah- Beirut
+961 1 845 512
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Sabine Sadaka
Medecins du Monde LHDF NMHP TF Embrace SIDC AJEM Legal Agenda MENAHRA



The Life Skills Curriculum Development Consultant is expected to generate and develop 28 online life skills lessons based on an existing life skills prevention program. This program will be later implemented in schools and delivered through their online platforms, targeting children in elementary and middle school.

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Mental disorders affect one in four of us! Despite this big number, persons with mental health conditions tend to hide their illness because of stigma and discrimination. With support and care people can better cope with mental disorders and preserve their well-being.
Societies and communities have a role to play in accepting people with mental health disorders and encouraging them to seek the support and care they might need.
The campaign seeks to normalize mental health and substance use services and diffuse the stigma surrounding disorders affecting an increasing number in our society.

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Under the patronage of Mr. Simon Abi Ramya, President of the committee of youth and sports.

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SKOUN is a Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental organization and one of the first outpatient facilities that provide accessible treatment, education, and protection for all people who use drugs while maintaining its values regarding inclusion, accessibility, integrity and dignity.

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About the project:

Under the project of “Improving Mental Health and Well-being of People Living in Lebanon,” A consortium of three organizations, MdM, Skoun, Embrace, and the National Mental Health Program (NMHP), supported by the Agence Francaise de Development (AFD), aims to improve the opportunities for women, men, boys, girls, and gender variant individuals in Lebanon to enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing. The consortium aims to reach its objective by supporting community-based Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS) and Substance Uses (SU) syste

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