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The Syrian Humanitarian Relief and Development Institute Najda-Now was established to support the Syrian society in this overwhelming crisis it is facing from the developmental, health, and humanitarian aspects, so that it can come out of this crisis and start building a modern democratic civil state. 
The institute’s strategy focuses on the health sectors, providing direct financial support, and housing as required by developing circumstances in a professional and planned way. It also works towards cares for sustainable development, which means raising awareness so that users of its services can become self-reliant rather than developing a dependency on the service provider. This requires the service provider/institute to work with the client on raising their self-esteem, self-trust, and self-confidence. It also requires them to work with the client on understanding the crisis, its causes, circumstances and ways to overcome the obstacles they are faced with as a result the crisis as well as assisting them to discovering their inner strengths, resilience and resources by employing a ‘strength based approach’. In addition the institute focuses on education, eradicating illiteracy, and vocational training. It is also concerned with all health needs associated with malnourishment, child protection and care, and the availability of clean drinking water. 
To implement this strategy the institute welcomes any unconditioned assistance from local and international organizations 
Charter of the Syrian humanitarian relief and development Foundation "NAJDA NOW International - NNI" 
The Syrian humanitarian relief and development foundation NNI works on providing assistance and aid to the affected population of the victims of natural or man-made disasters and victims of armed conflicts and wars. We do this regardless of race, religion or political belief or ideological convictions. The NNI masters its work with complete neutrality and impartiality and with noble human morality. We commit to extend a helping hand and demand the full freedom to work unhindered in the exercise of our functions anywhere. 
Members of the organization undertake to respect professional ethics and maintain complete independence from all political, economic, or religious forces. 
The members of the NNI foundation and its volunteers are fully aware of the risks to which they may be exposed to during the implementation of their duties. They pledge not to ask for themselves any material or moral features beyond those forms of compensation that may be offered by the NNI foundation when the foundation is able to afford.
What we doNNI works on helping people in need and those affected by any crisis or disaster whatever the cause, especially people affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria, which continues to leave its disastrous consequences on the Syrian people on an individual, social and humanitarian level.
That is why the organization's projects revolve around both humanitarian and developmental work in responding to emergency situations by meeting the appeal of the affected, afflicted and displaced with immediate responses and caring for their health and nutrition. 
NNI also takes part in developmental projects as it aims to support the affected families by raising awareness and helping the beneficiaries become self-reliant, empowering women to achieve their full potential, and helping their children get a good educaation 

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General Manger
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Ghefrail Street Facing Saydeh Church
Beirut , Beirut
الهاتف: +9611326841
Beirut LB
Ghefrail Street
Facing Saydeh Church
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Abed Al Aziz Aidy


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Najdanow International is honored to invite you to attend the art exhibition of Syrian refugee children.

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