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The subject of the contract is the supply of the IT equipment to MoSA Social Development Centers (SDCs).
It will entail the purchase of new desktops, laptops, printers, specific software and other minor items, as well as performing subsidiary ancillary services such as the delivery and installation of the equipment, and its testing.

الثلاثاء, 11 يونيو 2024
To event remaining 20 days

In the framework of the Programme “Integrated Social Services Provision to Lebanese and Syrian Refugees communities in Lebanon” (ISOSEP), renovation of 7 Social Development Centres (SDCs) located in Hawch Al Oumara, Rachaya, Majdal Selem, Aita Al Chaab, Haret Saida, Tyre and Rahbeh.

The restoration works consist in small various civil and finishing works, and in the installation of photovoltaic systems as detailed in Volume 3 and in Volume 5 of the Tender Dossier.

الجمعة, 29 سبتمبر 2023
منتهية الصلاحية

The subject of the contract is the upgrade of the Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure of the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) in Lebanon by providing adequate hardware equipment, software and other needed supplies.

الثلاثاء, 25 يوليو 2023
منتهية الصلاحية

The subject of the Contract for Works is to find an alternative renewable energy solution in the area of the Union of Municipalities of the Upper West and Shahar, though installation of Solar Street Lighting (SSL).
Complete tender dossier:

الاثنين, 14 يونيو 2021
منتهية الصلاحية

The subject of the Contract for Works is the construction of rainwater channels along the sides of the roads of Qartaba village, Caza Jbeil, Mount Lebanon governorate,in order to drain excess water from the roads and to avoid floods in winter seasons, cars accidents and deterioration of the roads’ infrastructure,and therefore to protect the roads and to maintain the safety of the people.

الثلاثاء, 12 يناير 2021
منتهية الصلاحية

The subject of the Contract for Works is the construction of a new storm water line in the streets of Ouzai and Maramel, Bourj El Barajneh Municipality, Caza Baabda, Mount Lebanon governorate to replace the existing combined system of sewage and storm and to avoid the flooding problems in winter season.

الجمعة, 4 ديسمبر 2020
منتهية الصلاحية

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Beirut Office (hereinafter AICS) intends to award a supply contract for the supply, delivery, unloading, installation of IT equipment and software in addition to related support services for the Central Administration of Statistics – CAS

الجمعة, 6 سبتمبر 2019
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Supply of IT materials in Lebanon
Reference n. AID 10804 - AID 10804 - CIG n. 7942352C33 (lot n.1) / CIG n. 79423602D0 (lot n. 2) / CIG n. 7942368968 (lot n. 3)

الأحد, 28 يوليو 2019
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“Resilience & Social Cohesion Programme (RSCP) - strengthening the resilience of host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)”

الاثنين, 5 آب 2019
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Supply Of Equipment for the sustainable development the Shouf Reserve:
Lot. 1 Wood cabins, stands and kiosks CIG n. 7898944EC8
Lot. 2 Fence CIG n. 7898947146
Lot. 3 Kitchen equipment CIG n. 7898948219
Lot. 4 Shredding machine CIG n. 7898953638

الثلاثاء, 18 يونيو 2019
منتهية الصلاحية