“Modern Voices for Protection or Aswatouna” (A: Advocacy, S: Sharing, WA: Women Adults, T: Technology, U: Youth) funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives in Lebanon (Canadian Embassy) will support existing youth Community Focal Person (CFPs) engaged in the social work in the Ein El Helwi Palestine refugee camp.
The project will equip them with protection, advocacy and leadership skills using ICT as a tool. The results will see a network of CFPs having the ability to understand protection issues affecting Palestinian Refugees while using ICT tools to raise awareness, share information, influence community members and connect vulnerable individuals with service providers. 100 youth and women will also be targeted on this project

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Empower the Youth of Ein El Helwi Palestine refugee camp by equipping them with protection, advocacy, and leadership skills using ICT tools
1. TOT 2. Community participants face to face training
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أربعاء, 03/08/2011 - 3:00am
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It's a coordination mechanism that will be developed between the local partner “Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development (SASCD) or Tadamon”, the Danish Refugee Council, and DOT. 1.Nashet Organization 2. Nabila Breir 3. Center for Social Development 4. Takaful Association 5. Zaytouna Nanoum 6. GUPW (Elderly Center) 7. Najdeh Association 8. Laje'