Dar Al Amal

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Dar Al Amal is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization, founded in 1970 and registered in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities under decree No 9176 in 1974.
DAA mission is Safeguarding Children & Women Rights by:

Supporting children affected by their family problems and social life conditions and to prevent and protect them from all sorts of risk.
Supporting young girls and women victims of violence, exploitation, prostitution and/or in conflict with the law, and to accompany them for their social rehabilitation and reintegration.

DAA objectives:

Support children and women to consolidate their identity, develop their potential and improve their life conditions.
Help Children in realizing a life project.
Empower young girls and women & support them through social rehabilitation and reintegration process.
Collaborate with children, parents and community in order to achieve changes in their environment.

DAA is run by a Board elected by the General Assembly.
A multidisciplinary team runs the projects supporting the beneficiaries at the individual, family and community levels.
It works in partnership with public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally and collaborates with Ministries. Dar Al Amal works with the participation of all the stakeholders, fighting together against poverty, marginalization and social injustice

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حقوق الإنسان والحماية
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Horsh Tabet
Sin El-Fil
الهاتف: +9611241164
Fax: +9611241164
Sin El-Fil
Horsh Tabet
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Hoda Kara


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Dar AL Amal is seeking a filmmaker.
In Lebanon, the social and gender norms, the shrinking civic space, and the discriminatory laws contribute to upholding gender inequalities and discourage girls and women from speaking out.
The project will use a gender transformative approach that aims at adopting a gender sensitive approach in service provision, in order to ensure that vulnerable women have better access to services.

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Lebanon is currently facing the worst political and economic crisis in its history, with increasing rates of unemployment, poverty and inflation, and worsening banking restrictions. Popular dissatisfaction with the establishment is at its peak, with widespread protests starting October 2019 to demand government reforms, and current delays in forming a government. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation with severe impact on families’ livelihoods and on women and girls’ access to services and rights. The explosion in Beirut Port on the 4TH of August 2020 has left the capital city highl

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