Cana youth Association - جمعية شباب قانا

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01/09/2020 - 8:01م


Enhance community participation and influence local decision making through cooperation with all local and national stakeholders in Cana and surrounding villages.



  • Respecting differences and public freedoms
  • Active participation of all partners in the development process
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Integrity & competence
  • Liability & commitment


Strategic Goals

  • Promoting sound environmental management in the town and neighborhood.
  • Restoring the touristic status of Cana village and shed-light on its history.
  • Monitoring and following-upon local authorities’ performance and participation in local decision-making processes.
  • Promoting economic and financial awareness amongst the community members and support local projects.
  • Spreading human values and promoting positive social behaviors.
  • Developing human capabilities (intellectual, physical, social, technical, etc…)





  • Raising the environmental awareness level through awareness programs and media campaigns.
  • Executing the plan of sorting at source and seeking for the development of waste management plant that deals with the town and neighborhood wastes.
  • Attracting initiatives to afforest the commons in the town and create green and public areas.


Touristic & Economical:

  • Developing a tourist guideline for the town.
  • Rehabilitating touristic sites in Cana.
  • Introducing Cana’s history through media campaigns, designing guide booklet based on official resources and organizing tourist programs.
  • Reviving the local heritage.
  • Supporting Cana’s commercial market and local economy through shopping festivals.
  • Supporting handcrafts, agriculture and local projects.
  •  Developing awareness campaigns and programs about entrepreneurship.



  • Assessing humanitarian needs in town.
  • Organizing activities with humanitarian purpose.
  • Providing social assistance and attracting corresponding supportive initiatives.
  • Seeking to establish a unified fund for financial, health, social and educational aids for citizens.



  • Building AL-BASMA center for people with special needs.
  • Organizing awareness programs, recreational, cultural and sports activities.




Our Team


Board Members:

  • Executive director: Hassan Dakhlallah
  • Vice President: Zainab Hammoud
  • Secretary: Rayan Attieh
  • Treasurer: Abed Taha
  • Accountant: Nabih Ismail

CYA Members:

Abed Taha

Mohamad Dakhlallah

Ali Alam Deen

Nabih Ismail

Ali Attieh

Rajaa Salameh

Faten Chalhoub

Rayan Attieh

Hassan Dakhlalah

Zainab Hammoud

Hiba Madi


Jamal Hijazi


Jawaher Hallal


Mariam Abdel-Rida


Mariam Attieh





Executed Projects

  • [Oct 2019 – Present] Forestation of Zaymout Land-

The plantation of 6000 fruitful trees serves to creat green areas in the town.

  • [Dec 2019 – Jan 2020]: Fabric Bags-

2500 fabric bags were donated to local shops in order to help decrease the use of plastic bags.

  • [Apr 2019 – Present]: Al-Basma Center-

It is built to provide educational, counseling and diagnosis services for people with special needs (aged 4 till 21).

  • [Oct 2018-Jan 2019]: Contributing in forestation of Al-Ramadiyah village (located close to Cana)-

The Plantation of trees serves creating green areas in the village.

  • [Oct 2018- Nov 2019]: Forestation of Cana’s Grotto Land-

The plantation of 2,500 fruitful serves creating green areas in the town.

  • [Aug 2017 – Dec 2020]: Sorting waste at source (waste management)-

Mainly raising citizen’s awareness about the importance of waste management. So far, 200 houses have stepped in and we’re still counting.

  • [2018-2019]: Awareness campaigns

Targeting schools and universities about sorting at source (waste management).

  • [2017-Present]: Providing medical assistance

More than 25 families benefit monthly from medical aids (medicines, medical service…)


Programs & Activities

  • Christmas Festival
  • Al-Fotor’s Day Fair
  • Cana Festivals
  • Cine Caravan
  • Touristic tours
  • Supporting local businesses led by women
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Nassib Haddad
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1601 Qana , South Lebanon
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St Joseph
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Hassan A Dakhlallah


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