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arcenciel is a Lebanese based non-profit organization established in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war. It was recognized as a public interest NGO in 1995 by Presidential Decree N7541. With five core programs, being implemented at 14 centers across Lebanon, arcenciel’s main goal is to work with every person in need. arcenciel aims to vigorously advance national policies in all the sectors in which it is active, while keeping a non-confessional and apolitical stance.


Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, arcenciel emphasizes the social and economic integration of marginalized people and communities back into society. arcenciel believes that every person, no matter the severity of their disability, is capable of overcoming her/his difficulties and contribute to the community in which they live. arcenciel supports the diversity of society, and encourages the sustainability and conservation of natural resources in all aspects of its work.

arcenciel’s Values:

arcenciel believes that every person, no matter the severity of their disability, is capable of overcoming her/his difficulties and contribute to the community in which they live. arcenciel’s action is grounded on the following values:


arcenciel values welcoming every individual regardless of their gender, race, nationality, or religion to benefit from its services. Thus, arcenciel’s volunteers are responsible to show continuous availability, discretion and dedication to all stakeholders.


arcenciel strives to upkeep the outmost professional treatment for all its stakeholders through the first-rate performance by each member of the team. The continuity and follow-up of the actions carried out are to ensure the highest quality of work.

Integrity and Transparency

arcenciel is committed to ensuring that its policies are based on the notions of integrity and transparency, through having strong moral principles and valuing; honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness. 


arcenciel recognizes that all individuals are equal. Therefore, the members of the arcenciel team serve everyone without discrimination of any gender, race or religion.


Respect for the human, is a carried value by our team members. Everyone is welcomed at the organization with all due respect for their dignity.

Team Spirit:

Trust, loyalty, equality and solidarity are the values ​​that unite our team members, employees at arcenciel are called volunteers in pursuit of a selfless goal and their commitment to our social mission.

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الأطفال والشباب
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Human Resources Department
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+961 1 495561
arcenciel, Jisr El Bacha
John Kennedy street
Sin el Fil, Jisr el Bacha , Mount Lebanon
الهاتف: +96114955615
Fax: +9611512107
Mount Lebanon LB
Sin el Fil, Jisr el Bacha
John Kennedy street
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Recruitment Unit



arcenciel is seeking proposals from consultants to provide Business Development for businesses, mainly SMEs
affected by the blast and by the economic crisis the country had been enduring for months, and
advise them on business continuity, economic development and disaster recovery.

الخميس, 30 مارس 2023
To event remaining 2 days

arcenciel invites to the submission of sealed bids to ensure food product safety and quality testing, conduct research of improvements to food industry methods, ensure food products and processes are compliant with standards, research and develop ways to grow agricultural products more efficiently. In addition, the food laboratory expert is expected to record and analyze test results and creates presentations of information and identify feasible tests and develop the test procedures.

الاثنين, 20 مارس 2023
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Nadine Mokdessi, metteur en scène libanaise, présente la pièce de théâtre d’Alberto LOMBARDO, intitulée :
"Octave et les valeureuses".

الأربعاء, 14 مارس 2012 - 2:00am

The forum aims to promote social entrepreneurship as a new business model in Lebanon.

الثلاثاء, 13 مارس 2012 - 2:00am

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A "Skid Steer Driver" is needed in arcenciel's Karantina center to transport materials, equipment, and supplies around job sites; dig holes, level ground, perform various tasks requiring a compact, maneuverable machine, ensure that projects are completed safely and efficiently while protecting natural resources and wildlife habitats, and support environmental projects by operating the skid steer to perform various tasks requiring a compact, The qualified profile should have 5 years of experience in a similar position.

الخميس, 6 أبريل 2023

A "Field Coordinator" is needed in arcenciel's Damour center to support for the agro-food innovation unit's business development, manage the production, conduct the research and development activities, and stock management of the agro-food innovation unit. In addition, the field coordinator is expected to assist in the coordination of trainings, project implementation, and perform outreach, coordination, follow up, and reporting activities. The qualified profile should have a bachelor's degree in Agro-food engineering/ Food sciences with 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar position.

الأحد, 19 مارس 2023
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