Consultancy call for Psychiatric Services & Supervision

PU-AMI’s MHPSS Department is looking for a psychiatrist to perform the below-mentioned tasks
o Psychiatric Consultations:
- The psychiatrist will receive internal referrals of the cases with a varied severity of MNS conditions from PUI’s specialized MHPSS staff and PHCC’s trained GPs.
- The Psychiatrist will be responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients with moderate to severe MNS conditions in close coordination with the PU-AMI MHPSS team and trained GPs while staying aligned with the NMHP suggested ideal patient flow.
o In addition, s/he will prescribe psychotropic medication, order LIDT tests (adhering to the pertinent NMHP and PUI’s guidelines), and/or refer patients to the other needed specialized and nonspecialized services in close collaboration with the Social workers.
o The psychiatrist will follow up with patients to ensure that they are responding positively to treatment and make amendments to the treatment plan, when necessary, by including the trained GPs.
o The psychiatrist will conduct his/her consultations in PU-AMI-supported PHCCs and will provide house visits to patients with limited physical mobility and with severe MH complaints. o The psychiatrist will be responsible for documenting the mental health related data by filling out the relevant psychiatric assessment and follow-up forms for each patient visit as well as the relevant National Health Information System when it is requested/required.
Technical Supervision for the MH GAP trained health staff.
o The psychiatrist will individually supervise the trained GPs through the CoPs for the management of potential MNS cases while also technically supporting the PU-AMI’s MHPSS Team in particular during the case-focused discussions to be conducted either through in-person or remote modality.
o The psychiatrist will design the CoPs by staying align with the NMHP suggested supervision modality as well as by filling out the relevant templates to be able to keep pertinent proofing documents in place.
o The psychiatrist is expected to coordinate with the PUI’s MHPSS Specialist and MHPSS Team Manager for the quality and monitoring of those CoPs.
o The psychiatrist will adopt pre and posts tests to demonstrate the increased knowledge and skills after completion of the supervision cycle by utilizing templates to be given by PUI.

How to apply

The complete consultancy documentation is published (soft copy).

Please send the requested documents on the following email addresses:

to: [email protected]

and cc: [email protected]

Or submitted as hard copy:

  • During the opening hours of the office (Monday through Friday and from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm)
  • At the following address: Saida, Charhabil, Main Road, Sammour Building, -1 Floor
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