Invitation to Bid | ITB # ITB/2024/SHAB002 Glass bottles | Jars and Plastic Bags


SAWA Background 

SAWA for Development and Aid is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) initially founded in December 2011 as a spontaneous response to the arrival of the first 40 Syrian families displaced from Syria into the North of Lebanon. This initiative then grew to include both local and international activists who worked together (SAWA in Arabic), united by their belief in individuals’ right to live in dignity and freedom, and to be active individuals in their communities, and wherever they may be. In order to better support vulnerable communities, especially from those internally displaced within Syria to Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, Sawa’s activists focused on sharing their knowledge and exchanging their experiences.


SAWA will treat the content of all tenders/quotations as being confidential and information provided in the tenders will be used for the purpose of deciding on the award of a contract as described in this document. 


SAWA Wishes to enter into (a) non-exclusive Agreement(s) for the below supplies:

  1. Glass Jars 509
  2. Glass jars 520
  3. Glass bottles 103
  4. Glass bottles 106
  5. Gloves
  6. Plastics gloves
  7. Plastic bags

All other items are mentioned in the below attachments (Annex C )

General Terms and Conditions 

SAWA will accept the most appropriate offer based on Acceptance of Payment Terms ( 40% ) quality(20%) , cost effectiveness (20%) and capacity for timely and flexible delivery (20%).

Conflict of Interest 

Any conflicts of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to SAWA. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an application or invalidate an award of the contract. 

Agreement Period 

The agreement shall start the date of awarding for a period of 5 months with the possibility of extension. 

Administrative documents: 

• Copy of Commercial circular, Commercial register and tax registration.
• Copy of ID of the authorized signatory 

Technical documents: 

  • Portfolio 
  • Any other information/documents/pictures considered useful 

Financial documents: 

  • The bid shall be based on list of specifications and prices. 
  • The currency for the bid shall be in US Dollars 
  • Any other expenses should also be included in the above rates and prices. No additional expenses will be covered. 

Contact for Clarification 

For clarification you can contact us via email  [email protected]  or call SAWA office on +96176939720 for any clarification



Annex 1 “Tender file” ; Tender-invitation to bid
Annex C  Financial Offer 


How to apply

All inerested suppliers are expected to fill out the tender documents as mentioned in the Tender files and revert back with the hard copies  to Beirut Head office located in Beirut, Cola, Taeeq Jdideh Facing BAU university AHM Bldg 7th floor 

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