Call for Proposal – NSSF, Audit and Tax Advisory

About Relief International: Relief International specializes in relief and development programs that benefit people in acute distress. A registered non-profit in the US, UK, France and Belgium, our work targets those fragile countries or communities that suffer from recurrent man-made or natural crises that impede human development. The people we serve live in seventeen countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where the debilitating effects of political instability, forced displacement, and natural disasters are pervasive. Often, RI is the only organization providing healthcare, education, logistics, energy, capacity building, economic development, sanitation, and many other forms of assistance to these highly vulnerable communities.

Required Service: "RI - Lebanon office" intends to sign a contract with a selected firm or company to provide " “NSSF, Audit, and Tax advisory services”, as per the Scope of Work and Requirements.

How to apply

Interested companies are requested to submit their administrative, financial, and technical proposals in accordance with the conditions detailed in the attached "Bid form" document.

All clarifications about the number of employees, volume of work, turnover, expenditure, accounting software, or any other questions should be addressed to: [email protected]  while copying [email protected] by April 1, 2024, COB.

While the deadline to submit your proposal is: April 4, 2024, at 3:00 PM.

Bids will be accepted only by hand and in Sealed Envelopes.

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