2024 – Supply & installation, Solar system

2024 – Supply & installation, Solar system  



MARCH is a Lebanese non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 2011(Registration Number 956) working to consolidate social cohesion within some of the country’s most prominent volatile areas. Its mission is centered around an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to peacebuilding and conflict resolution that focuses on engaging, building the capacity of and empowering vulnerable and socioeconomically marginalized youth, susceptible to sectarian-based violence to promote social cohesion and stability. 


As part of its civil- military cooperation activities, March is seeking for company/contractor who can provide and install Solar System for 3 different location in the North of Lebanon in the same Project. This initiative is intended to support the LAF and local communities and encourage youth and LAF cooperation to promote social stability and cohesion in vulnerable communities. 

We are requesting quotations for a Supply and installation of Solar system.

Deadline of submission of quotation:    17/01/2024.

Quotation submission document can be found attached, to be printed, signed, stamped and submitted by Email to the following address:

[email protected]

Suppliers meeting the eligibility requirements below can contact the Procurement Department on
06 381101.

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for consideration of this tender, a tenderer should meet the
following requirements:

1. Company is registered and has a financial number.
2. Flexibility in payments
3. Working experience with NGOs is a plus.
4. Clear quotation stamped and signed by the company name.
Vendors offering a competitive price and correct specifications for the solar LED light tender are required to submit a sample prior to final selection

6. Has a bank account for the company.

7. Delivery costs should be included and mentioned on the quotations.

How to apply

Please find attached the Tender Dossier form “ Tender Dossier Supply & installation, Solar system  ”
All proposals should adhere to the quotation request mentioned in the attachment.

Submission of the tender will be sent by email to [email protected]


Please include in the subject of the email “Quotation for Supply & installation, Solar system” to be considered

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