The Danish Red Cross MENA Regional Office is requesting your best firm offer for the supply of Insulin for our Health Support Programs in Syria, implemented by Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Details are to be found in the tender document, below are listed the types and quantities of insulin requested.

a. Mixtard 30 Vial 100 UI – 120,000 Vials
b. Actrapid Vial 100 UI – 1,500 Vials
c. Insulatard Vial 100 UI – 100 Vials

How to apply

Please confirm your interest to participate in this tender by requesting the tender documents through email to [email protected] using Subject: DRC-RO-2023-081 Supply of Insulin.

Any enquiries regarding the tenders should be addressed to h[email protected] addresses by Monday December 11th, 2023Responses to the enquiries will be circulated to all bidders who will have confirmed their interest to participate.

Deadline for submission of offer: Friday December 15th, 2023 COB.

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