Terms of Reference (ToR) for an External Collaborator - Analysis of Establishment Survey Data in Oman

Background and rationale

Since 2021, the ILO-Regional Office for Arab States has been supporting the Ministry of Labour (MOL) in the Sultanate of Oman in developing a National Employment Policy (NEP) and Action Plan to address employment challenges and promote decent and productive job creation in the country, in line with Oman’s Vision 2040.

The policy and action plan development process followed ILO’s approach to National Employment policies, involving relevant tripartite constituents in the country and building on a detailed diagnostic of the employment and labour market situation in the Sultanate.

The lack of reliable and regular survey data both from a supply and demand side perspective was identified as a key gap in the country. Relevant constituents involved in the policy development process have accordingly agreed to include specific activities in the NEP action plan to generate the data needed. This included conducting a labour force survey for supply side information and an establishment-based survey to collect data on labour demand.

Pending formal adoption of the NEP and its Action Plan, the MOL is already laying the groundwork for implementation, particularly in areas that fall within its mandate and which are critical for any subsequent labour market-related efforts and policy reforms. As such, and in view of the urgent need for data on labour market needs, the MOL has embarked on a new project that involves the implementation of an establishment survey targeting 3,000 establishments in the various sectors across the country. Actual field work will be conducted between September and November 2023, while analysis and report writing will be undertaken between December 2023 and January 2024.

While the field work will be implemented by the MOL staff in the regions, with relevant training being provided by the National Center for Statistics and Information, the Ministry has requested ILO’s support in analyzing the data and drafting the survey report.

Objective of the assignment

The primary objective of this assignment is to provide support to the MOL in analyzing the data generated through its establishment survey. The external collaborator will need to closely engage with the Ministry to build the analytical capacities of its staff and help them generate the needed tabulations and ultimately draft the survey analytical report.

This endeavor underscores a commitment to equipping the Ministry with the tools, methods and expertise needed to sustainably conduct such surveys and analyze the data generated for effective and evidence-based policy development.

Responsibilities of the external collaborator

Under the overall guidance of the Senior Employment Policy Specialist & Head of the Regional Economic and Social Analysis (RESA) Unit at the ILO Regional Office for Arab States and with the technical support of the Labour Economist and Labour Statistician in the RESA Unit, the consultant will work closely with the MOL staff responsible for the analysis of the establishment survey data to support them in analysis and report writing.

More specifically, the external collaborator will be responsible for the following tasks:

- Review survey questionnaire and agree with the MOL on the expected data and list of indicators to be generated including different disaggregation levels.
- Prepare broad analysis template with agreed upon list of indicators, suggested tabulation plan, and report template.
- Develop a detailed analysis plan, with clear roles assigned to MOL staff responsible for data processing, production of tabulations and report writing.
- Prepare and deliver a technical training on statistical measurement and analysis of generated indicators.
- Generate, in close coordination with the MOL staff, relevant indicators and produce required tabulations.
- Support the MOL in the drafting of the report, presenting and analyzing data and indicators and highlighting main policy implications.

Contract duration:

The expected duration of this assignment is 2.5 months, starting from 15 November 2023 until 31 January 2024.

Specific tasks & deliverables, timeline and payment

This consultancy should be performed in 35 working days by the selected consultant, in close collaboration with the relevant MOL staff assigned for his exercise, with the following deadlines:
1. Undertake a review of survey questionnaire and provide a list of expected indicators to be derived and tabulations to be generated: 30 November 2023.
2. Prepare and deliver a 2-day online training (2 hours per day) targeting MoL staff to build their capacity in computing and analyzing related indicators: 11 December 2023.
3. Provide a) an excel file with a comprehensive set of tabulations and b) an outline for the analytical report: 20 December 2023.
4. Draft analytical report (with MOL) and share with the ILO for feedback: 15 January 2024.
5. Submit final report, incorporating ILO’s feedback and comments: 31 January 2024.

A first payment of 40% of the contract value will be made upon submission of deliverables 1, 2 and 3 no later than 20 December 2023, with the remaining 60% being paid upon submission of the final report, all to the ILO’s satisfaction.

Requirements / qualifications

- A master's degree or higher in Economics, Statistics, or any other relevant field.
- Proven experience in conducting quantitative data analysis and processing labour market data, preferably establishment survey data.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret data and provide actionable insights.
- Excellent drafting skills.
- Excellent communication skills and ability to share knowledge and provide technical advice.
- Excellent command of English- Arabic language is a strong advantage.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit their application, including a detailed CV and a cover letter showcasing relevant work experience. A financial proposal (i.e. daily professional fee) should be also provided. Application should be sent via email to [email protected] and [email protected] by 4 October 2023.

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