A Consortium/ Institution(s) of Experts in Biodiversity to Upgrade the Shouf Biosphere Reserve Monitoring Scheme and establish a new scheme for Mount Hermon Nature Reserve

Preparatory work:

Under the direct supervision of the project coordinator, the selected consultant is expected to design rigorous, regular, and consistent monitoring and evaluation schemes for key biodiversity indicators.

A. Desk research:
1. Conduct a comprehensive literature review on scientifically sound biodiversity monitoring protocols aimed at the identified species/habitats with emphasis on identifying citizen science monitoring protocols (publications to be produced in Arabic and English), in addition to the review of the existing monitoring protocols of SBR biodiversity (endangered species/ecosystems) and pressures.
2. Review and analyze the results of the monitoring activities previously conducted at the SBR within previously implemented projects since 2019.
3. Develop monitoring protocols for monitoring biodiversity (species and habitats) in the SBR and in MH.
4. Indicate the most significant flora and fauna indicators
5. Lay special importance to monitoring the key biodiversity species selected in the SBR and in MH and develop protocols for each.
6. Include the populations of wild endangered edible species within the protocols to be developed

B. Preparation of the monitoring scheme:
1. Identify the sites in the SBR and in MH of different management practices where the monitoring activities will take place
2. Upgrade SBR’s existing monitoring scheme by proposing a list of biodiversity indicators relevant to monitoring activities to assess the biodiversity status of the sites and reveal the ecosystem’s health. The indicators must be practical and easy to measure.
3. Include field surveys, templates and procedures for data collection, sharing, quality control and assurances, monitoring, reporting, etc.
4. Develop a training curriculum related to the monitoring of biodiversity in the SBR and in MH and conduct two workshops for stakeholders in each region including municipality representatives and site managers on biodiversity monitoring and sustainable land management.
5. Build the capacities of the team who will assist in data collection and fieldwork

C. Fieldwork:
1. Soundly and regularly lead the field surveys using the needed resources to achieve the above targets
2. Collect specimens and data for the selected areas following non-destructive measures
3. Analyze the collected data and compile the analysis into conclusions
4. Gather and use scientific information to evaluate and improve management decisions and practices on the ground

How to apply

Interested parties can request the technical offer (Tender Dossier) from the following email address:

Tarek Yazbek [email protected]

The proposals must be physically delivered or submitted to the following address: AI-Shouf Cedar Society HQ, Maasser EI Shouf - Village square - Facing public garden.

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