Project Synopsis

The Lebanese American University (LAU) is implementing the Higher Education Scholarships II program, which is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The award is composed of two components: the University Scholarship Program (USP) and the Refugee/Displaced Scholarship Support (RSS). The HES II program aims to offer university-bound students a unique opportunity to pursue quality higher education. The program aims to provide undergraduate scholarships to promising public and private high school students from all governorates of Lebanon.

Project Objective

LAU is looking for a consultant to conduct a targeted labor market survey to determine the fields of study in demand in the labor market and the essential soft skills needed for success when entering the workforce. The consultant, among other tasks, should hold discussions with professional orders, chambers of commerce, NGOs and major organizations with the aim of providing information to LAU that helps the University revisit as needed its list of majors offered and the soft skills under the University Scholarship Program component.

Scope of Required Services

The consultant should conduct a survey that addresses employability, soft skill needs and alumni/employer feedback concerning employment opportunities and challenges, including discussions with the relevant professional orders, chambers of commerce and major organizations in Lebanon. The study is supposed to inform LAU on prospects of employment for the next five to ten years.

Expected Deliverables

This solicitation is looking for a consultant to oversee fully this assignment, conduct the fieldwork, analyze the data and provide the written report to LAU. All deliverables must be submitted in initial draft form for LAU’s review, comments and suggested edits through LAU’s program management, to be finalized and edited accordingly by the consultant before being accepted in final format. Details of the deliverables and assignment are in the request for proposals.

How to apply

Proposals, as per set requirements henceforth, are required no later than 08/30/2023, 15:00hrs (Beirut time). 

The offeror is expected to present two proposals separately: (1) a technical one, and (2) a distinct financial one (each proposal through its separate submission). The technical proposal must not contain any budgetary or financial information. The financial proposal must be put on official letterhead of the offeror and duly signed and stamped. The financial proposal must include all information confirming the eligibility of the offeror including the Ministry of Finance Tax Number, VAT Number, registration number and date and any other documents listed under B3 as applicable. The financial proposal must clearly show costs distinctly and clearly related to Taxes, VAT, overheads, etc.

The proposals must be sent as following electronically by email if the total amount of the offer is Not more than $5,000, otherwise by hand if the total amount of the offer is more than $5,000, to [email protected].

You can find all required details and information in the attached pdf document. 

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